Pimp My Chu Lip Workshop with Butterflies @ 1 Utama

Tuesday, March 17

Heloooo peeps! It's been awhile for me to update about lips! How many of you do taking a very good care of your lips? I personally think that lips is very important for a gurls. Imagine when you kiss on a cracked lips......... Eww......

Last Saturday, I attended PIMP MY CHU LIP WORKSHOP at 1 Utama with 49 butterflies! Had so much fun on the workshop! Meeting new butterflies! Opps...if you don't know what CHU LIP is, you're probably outdated already :p

I don't want to show you all my tired face! No makeup on that day :( I love the interior and of Kafe Cafe. I just wish I could go home with those furniture!

In case you don't know about CHU LIP, CHU LIP is a product originally from Japan. It is a trendy dome-shaped lip balm with an absolutely amazing taste. It combines moisturizing ingredients (Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil & Rosehip Oil) with delicious flavours from the blend of Chu Lip secret recipe to keep lips lovely & sweet every day. 

So if you love your lips, pucker up and Chu Lip it for lips so healthy, smooth & yummy too. There re 4 type of CHU LIP available on the market : Arabian Floral Shower , NY Brilliant my way, Nordic Fancy Nostalgia, Paris Perfect Memories. 

You must be wondering how to use this lip balm. Hiak Hiak, buy 1 and explore yourself! Trust me, you'll never regret for buying this product! 

There're so many cute and beautiful CHU LIP which specially design! Look at those CHU LIP. I feel like wanna grab all the CHU LIP and use it to decorate my house! 

After looking at so many great work done by other people! Is time for butterflies turn! Let's get started!!!!!!!!!! 
"Gimme the paper tap please! I want the black hair! And also the scissors! Thank you!"
Gurls are getting crazy! Trying to grab as much decoration stuff as we can! Just to make sure we come out with the most beautiful CHU LIP! 

These are the thing I've grabbed for myself! Hmm...have no idea on how to design! Looking at the stuff i grabbed for few minutes, walk around, looking at how people doing it..... Finally i decided to come out with my very own *Princess*

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Here's my very own designed CHU LIP! The Princess!! My princess has a very long purple hair ( Very trendy sia)  with many flowers on it. A green color hair bands (was trying to make a flower hair band buy fail). To show how rich my princess is, I put a lot of ''diamond'' on it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! SO FUNNY!! THE UGLIEST PRINCESS I EVER SEE! 

I never know how lousy my art work is until I see how others butterflies designed their CHU LIP. Haizz... Over-confident!!! LOL

The food! Ahhhh.... Jom makan! 

What do you think about my CHU LIP? Beatiful rite?? You should make yourself 1 also! Design your own CHU LIP, upload it to CHU LIP website now! 


Get creative with your Chu Lip and stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes.

Contest Period: 5 March - 31 March 2015

Website : http://www.chulip.com.my/pimpmychulip/

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