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Wednesday, March 18

Good day people! It's 10pm now and I hope you've already had your dinner. There is no question that food plays a major role in life ( especially after a hectic day at work ). I went to Madam Kwan few days ago, and here's my review! Let's get started! 

Last year Madam Kwan’s got a ‘Twist It Up’ Contest, where contestant are required to come out with a new recipe ( twisting ingredients together to create a drink). Below are the winner of ‘Twist It Up’ Contest : Wong Jun Ho, Ibrahim, Shamila Thamuthran, Alan Khoo, Anne Hoo! 

Today, I've a chance to taste on 1 of the winner recipe —— "The Yellow Trio" by Wong Jun Ho. "The Yellow Trio" is actually a drink which mix with a layer of sago, mango, banana, pineapple and a vanilla ice cream as topping! Not too sweet and not too strong, high recommended to those who love banana, pineapple and mango!!!
"The Yellow Trio" - RM 11.90

Lychee Mojito, another drink created by Madam Kwan itself. Not too sweet and refreshing! Put your hands up if you're lychee lover! The scent of mint...Hmmm.... I guess I can sleep well smelling these mint leaves! 
Lychee Mojito - RM 11.90

"The Yellow Trio" & "Lychee Mojito" are the new mocktail drink, make sure you try this out when you visit Madam Kwan. 

Malaysian Platter ( Malaysia Satay, Otak-Otak) . The Malaysian Platter is come with satay on bamboo skewers, a plate of peanut sauce, otak-otak, nasi impit, sliced onions, sliced cucumbers and sliced pineapple. Satay is a mainstay favourite amongst Malaysians. 

The meat is juicy, not much fat like we use we eat at those road side stall. It is suitable for elder people! I hate it so much when the satay is full of chicken fats instead of meat! How can we call it as satay if there's no peanut sauce for dipping. NOT-SO-SPICY peanut sauce ( I can eat until the 7th level of spicy ). 

Awwww!! I love otak-otak! I can eat 2 bowl of rice with only otak-otak! Juicy, spicy, great taste! Took the first taste on the otak-otak, OMG!!! That's the otak-otak that I've been searching for so long!! 

 Main Course
Madam Kwan's Signature Curry Chicken. Rich gravy and smooth texture for the curry sauce. I love the thick, silky curry texture! You can never get enough for this! I'm so hungry man!!!!

Otak-otak Fried Rice. When otak-otak meet fried rice = perfect match! Cut the otak-otak into small cube and fried it with rice. The otak-otak is still looking good even been fried for sometimes! I looks like a sunflower with sliced tomatoes on the plate!

Petai Fried Rice. Who say petai is smelly?! Who say petai is not delicious? I can't live without petai! Somehow, this petai fried rice do not have that strong petai smell. The petai is soft! Not spicy at all! Try this fried rice, who knows you might fall in love with petai after this! 

Stir Fried Beef with Spring Onions. Worry of bad-beef smell? You can never smell the bad beef smell from this dishes! The texture of the beef is so soft, suitable for children and elder people. 

Asparagus with Lily Bulb and Cashew Nut Flakes. Can you imagine how it taste like when asparagus meet cashew nut and lily bulb? Some
of you might not know about lily bulb. Lily Bulb is a health benefiting edible root
vegetable that grows from the Lily plant. It provide protein, calcium and other vitamins.
Even the cashew nut are being fried, somehow it does not get to soft! Soft asparagus
without the strong “green” taste! 

Belacan Mixed Vegetables. My oh My! Belacan! A simple but delicious way to cook vegetables! The belacan taste so so so good plus so ‘wangi’.  It is a spicy condiment of pounded dried shrimp paste with fresh chillis and lime juice. Not too salty!

Assam Sotong. The assam flavors are so strong that it works well even with squid. The squids are in bite size pieces and soft to bite. A bite will always make you want more. Hehehe!! 

Curry Fish Head. You know what I like about this curry fish head? It was full of meat! I don't think your throat will ken stuck by the fish bones! The most important think is, it doesn't have a thick layer of oil! 

Stir Fried Ming Prawns with Superior Soya Sauce. The shrimp is deep fried and the shell turn so crispy. If you like to eat prawn head, just bite the whole prawns! Soooooo crispy!!!  

Fresh fruits platter.

Cendol with Red Bean flavour. Nice cendol only in Kampung area? NOPE! You can even taste it at Madam Kwan! Shaved ice + pandan jelly + red bean! Definitely a relief from the sweltering hot weather! 

Want to try another local delicacy? Why not try their Ice Campur! This Ice campur is the best ice campur I ever tried! Acceptable sweetness level! So refreshing........ ahhh! It doesn't have thick, milky sweetened condensed milk on top of the ice!

In case you're interested in all the food above, you may order the Special Get Together set RM600 set ( for 10 pax )! Having so much fun at the food tasting session! I hope you guys enjoy the food at Madam Kwan like I do! 

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