You can never go wrong buying a Valentine's Day gift

Thursday, February 12

Valentine is around the corner, so what do you wish to receive from your PRINCESS, JELLYBEAR, COOKIES, BABY GIRL, TIGERSSS ( you know who I mean) ..................... I know, selecting and buying a present for girlfriend is not easy, especially when you’re not celebrating the 1st valentine.. SO, what should you buy if for your girlfriend in different stage of Valentines... 

What should you buy for your girl when you’re celebrating the 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th  Valentines’ Day ... You can't give them as gifts throughout the year for birthdays, Valentines Day and anniversary...Valentine's Day is a time when people show feelings of love. I’m not saying “value of present = your love” , but at least don’t make your girl rolling her eyes! 

I've listed out 5 products that you can buy for your girlfriend. All products are chosen from LAZADA MALAYSIA WEBSITE, shopping with just moving your finger tips. Don't worry about the money, I don't always choose expensive products, but if you still for the best discount products, go to , they've lot of coupons and deal for LAZADA. 

Super Giant Bear Doll —— RM139 ( NP. RM499)

First year relationship is the sweetest ever. Buy her a huge bear. Some girls like to collect different size of ‘Bear Bear’. 9 out of my girl friends ( not girlfriend ) love bears and dolls. Give her a bear, hold her tide, a kiss on her forehead! WHAT A ROMANTIC DATE! ( only applicable for the 1st year of valentine). She will probably keep the doll, sleep eat huge and talk to the bear. Keep this sweetness to the 2nd year... 

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Coffret Eau De Parfum Spray + Body Lotion —— RM360

When come to 2nd year, show her something sensual like perfume or body spray or even body lotion. Whisper to her that you love her so much, you like how she smells, you feel so good. Ask her to spray that perfume whenever go out with you. Well, by doing this, i Belive she gonna love you more. Wow! You can tell she’s getting more confident now, WITH THAT PERFUME! 

Coach Madison Saffiano Mini North/South Tote Loganberry —— RM840 ( NP. RM1280)

Now, she’s sweet and sexy enough for the past 2 years. I believe a relationship considered stable when it comes to 3rd years. Buy her a bag. Buy her a bag that he could probably use it for whole year. She could use ti to work, or a casual outing!

HTC RE 16MP Waterproof Wi-Fi Action Camera —— RM669 ( NP. RM799)

Come on! I know guys are breaking down at the 4th years as he start confuse on what to buy. Their girlfriend have whatever she needs. BUT, maybe, you know there’s something you’ve leave out! YES, THE CAMERA! Every girls need a camera! I recommend you guys to buy the latest HTC RE CAMERA! It’s waterproof man! You can use it everywhere, anytime! ( One more thing, so that they gt no excuse to buy another waterproof camera, only RM699, worth to buy la bro!)

Limited Edition Calvin Klein Couple Watch —— RM1100 ( NP. RM1280)

Is time to bring the heat back to your relationship! How? Buy her a couple watch. “DO YU STILL LOVE ME?” Show her the watch! A couple watch tell it all. I don’t think couple will still wear couple watch if there’s no LOVE between you both anymore.


OH, just to remind, do not buy her Weight loss programs and gym memberships, Kitchen appliances, Cleaning products and/or supplies and gift cards! Girls are very sensitive and she might give you a hard punch on your face! 

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCouponsLazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

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  1. The super giant bear is so cute! But I'd much rather have the Coach tote, any day! *yells wishlist out to boyfriend*
    Ongoing CNY giveaway:

    1. hahahah!!! I hope your boyfriend read your comment and buy you the bag!

      I printed out coach bag picture and stick on my bf car mirror last year, and it came trueeeee!!


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