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Monday, February 2

Driving alone is EXPENSIVE, BORING, and DANGEROUS sometimes. Or did you always like being alone but don't know how to enjoy a drive by yourself? What can we do to make our driving journey with more excitement and meaningful? Watch the video below, to discover a new way to make your drive to the next level. 

What Is Tripda? Tripda is an online carpooling platform that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way. Tripda aims to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative, so both driver and passenger(s) can share the cost of the trip, while meeting like-minded friends along the way, reducing traffic congestion and preserving the environment. 

Tripda’s mission is to make carpooling a viable, mainstream and safe transportation method. We believe that there is so much more to a trip than just the destination. We want to give people the tools to make friends, protect the earth, save money, and enjoy the whole experience from their doorstep to their journey’s end.


Tripda helps people share their costs instead of helping drivers make a profit, and the rides you take with Tripda are way more fun than other means of transportation, not to mention the comfort of a car and the fun of having company throughout the whole trip! Besides, the use of our service is completely FREE!

Tripda helps reduce pollution and traffic jams! By reducing the number of cars with only one person on the roads, we help you get to where you need to be faster. In addition, with less cars, there’s less air and sound pollution too.

One of Tripda's key benefits is the sharing of travel costs. The Driver gets to share the cost of fuel and toll expenses that they would otherwise have had to pay on their own, while the Passenger saves money compared to the prices of bus, train or plane fares. You can instead use this money on things that really matter to you, like using it during your holiday itself rather than spending it on transportation. When you replace bus trips with a ride with Tripda, Passengers also benefit from time savings, since cars often travel at speeds higher than those of busses. Finally, there is the convenience of choosing points of departure and arrival according to the preference and willingness of each User.

Tripda contributes not only to reducing traffic on the roads, but also encourages personal interaction between members of our Community, ultimately connecting socially responsible people and allowing them to exchange valuable experiences between themselves. Furthermore, the feeling of "helping and be helped" can bring enormous satisfaction to the Users involved and encourage the spread of solidarity in our day-to-day actions.

Thanks to Facebook Connect being the only way to register to our Website, you know exactly whom you’re travelling with. In order to bring even greater safety to our Community, Users that confirm their e-mail and mobile phone number earn higher points for reliability & trustworthiness.

Below are the steps on how to register yourself on Tripda. Make sure you insert all your information, including your own preference and your car type. Just to make sure that both of the parties are feeling comfortable and happy when car pooling! 

If you're going somewhere and thought of giving a ride to others, you can offer your ride too! Fill in all the details about time, departure location, time & date, car type (avoid entering the wrong car), and price as well! Do ask for a reasonable price! Never take advantage on people! Its car pooling so share the cost not ask the people to bare all the cost! 

Register your ride with just 7 steps! 

To make our Users feel safer is the Driver and Passenger rating system. After you share a ride with another User, you can rate him/her using a 5-star scale, so other Users know how you felt about the people you’ve travelled with!

Every User of our Website must follow our Code of Good Conduct in order to ensure satisfaction for every member of our Community. Understand ourSafety standards.

To make female drivers and passengers feel more comfortable and safe, aside from all our other safety measures, we also offer the Ladies Only option. This option allows females to travel only with other females. This way, a greater sense of trust and security can be achieved among females who travel alone or with company, hence enabling them to utilise our service with greater peace of mind.

If you’re a female driver and want to offer a ride to other females only, you will find the option "Ladies Only" when you create a trip. When you select this option, only females can request for a ride with you.


If you’re a female passenger looking for a trip only with females in the car, you can select the "Ladies Only" filter in order to see all the rides that will strictly have only females.
Freedom of choice

With Tripda, you can choose who you travel with. Passengers contact drivers of their choice, and drivers can easily accept or reject requests.

If you do not wish to manually accept every passenger who wishes to share a ride with you, it is possible to use automatic acceptance option, indicating that you accept rides of any user.

" Tripda, A Cheap Way To Travel ! "

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