[REVIEW] AVEC MOI Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack

Sunday, February 1

How do you deal with fuzzy, untidy, and scraggly hair? I never know my hair can be so untidy until I took this picture. I just can't stop touching my hair! Why spend so much on rebonding and hair treatment since you can get this silky smooth and tidy hair with just rm9 ?!

This Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack smell so good! It contains 3 main ingredients of this mask pack: 

Rosemary Leaf Extract - will leave hair soft and shiny and improve hair growth. 
Royal Jelly Extract - rejuvenate and repair damaged hair.
Sesame Seed Extract - soothes hair, protects hair from harmful sunlight and prevents premature greying. 

How to Use:

Tie up a pony tail. This hair mask is not suitable for those who has short hair and pixie cut.

Open hair pack with high-concentreated essence, and  then roll the hair pack outward to make the hair ends enter into it. Put the hair ends into the rolled hair pack as if wrapping them. Use the rubberband to fix the ponytail hair treatment pack. Then, massage lightly to improve absorption of nutrients into the hair. 

After 15~30 minutes, remove the pack and dry hair for styling.  This is a rinse-out conditioner type of hair mask so remember to rinse off the mask essence ya! For those who has super long  and thick hair, the essence might not be enough for you, make sure you massage your hair, so that the essence can reach to all of your hair. 

You can see the result right after you dry your hair! Look at the picture below, you can see that the hair has become smooth and not fizzy anymore. Besides this, my hair is more shiny than before! For those who like sweet flowery scent, you should try this!

I highly recommend this to all the ladies out there! This treatment pack is CHEAP and EASY TO USE! You can use it at anywhere , anytime : while you're reading, while you're watching movie, while you're eating... Somehow, this treatment pack is not suitable for those who has short hair. 

PRODUCT NAME : AVEC MOI Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack

PRICE : RM9.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Hair Mask


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  1. I have such uncontrollable hair! This looks like such an easy hair mask to use. Thanks for the review :)

    Steph - http;//nourishmeclean.blogspot.com


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