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Friday, February 27

Chinese New Year is around the corner, 1 of the scariest thing to do during this Chinese New Year is cleaning my room! My room is so messy, clothes everywhere, beauty products, books... After spending whole day scrolling on Pinterest, I decided to add a new member into my room. Yes! A canvas print! I want something special which is a personalized canvas print. 

Buying a canvas is easy. I can buy it from anywhere, online or from some of the home deco store. But, to buy a personalized canvas in Malaysia is NOT THAT EASY. While I was doing some online shopping, I found a page which provide a personalized canvas print! Huraaaaaaaayh! 

Ezyposter is a website that provides personalized canvas printing service. EzyPoster was created because we are so passionate about pictures on walls!  

Ezyposter's canvas poster prints are mounted on a heavy duty fibre board, which makes it tough and yet light weight making it so easy and convenient for you to change your wall picture according to your mood or occasion and the best part is no more nails! Because, it is light weight, you can use plastic hooks or acrylic foam tapes to put it up.

Ezyposter come out with different sizes. Choose the best fitted size for your home! Here's the next question : How to order? 

Got no idea on what to print or need some inspiration, what not check this out! Ezyposter has divided the canvas printing into 8 categories for your reference! I know how hard it  is to choose a picture. *The picture gonna be hang on your wall for a long time, so make sure you choose the photo you will never regret to!

I've received my very own personalized canvas printing! It is very light in weight, smooth surface, good quality! I hang this canvas printing on my bedroom wall. Weeeeee, worry this canvas printing gonna drop and hit your head while you're sleeping? Well, this canvas printing is super duper light in weight, yet still in a very good quality!

If we take a close look, the surface of this canvas printing is so smooth. The material is so good. It's not like something you can find in night market! No No NO! At least, there's no pilling on the it!

Look at the corner of this canvas print,  they make sure its been folded nicely. 

Thank you Ezyposter for sponsoring me my very 1st canvas printing! Thank you so much! 


I'm giving away 12'' x 12'' PERSONALIZED canvas printing ( worth RM 159 ) to ONE of my INSTAGRAM FOLLOWER. 


Order your personalized canvas printing HERE!

For more information, log on to :
Ezyposter website : 
Exyposter Facebook Page:

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