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Wednesday, January 21

What is your favorite cleanser of the year? Cleanser is very important for our skin especially when we expose to all kind on dust and dirt every days! We will never know which cleanser is suitable to your skin until you’ve tried several types of cleanser! 

Have you ever tried the Pore Cleansing Foam from SNP? SNP has been very famous for the pass year. Today, I'm going to try out their facial foam. 

 SNP is original Korea Brand and it has been so famous for the past few months. They have different type of beauty products to fit all types of skin! This facial foam is suitable to all type of skin.

 In this facial foam, it contained so much of good ingredient which make your skin even healthier! Plant ingredients like seaweed extract, collagen and Phaseolus seed extract make the skin moisturized after face washing.

The product contains seaweed extract and arginine composite to help remove wastes and contaminants inside pores. It moisturizes the skin and delays drying and wrinkle creation in the skin.

Phaseolus Radiatus seed extract brings effects like removal of make-up toxicity, removal of sebum, cleansing, moisturizing and clean skin.

Collagen helps prevent aging of the skin, improve wrinkles and maintain elastic skin.

Fine and abundant bubbles and green granule clean out make-up residues, old crusts and wastes inside pores. This product is a cream cleanser that makes the skin smoother, cleaner and fresher.

Some facial foam make my skin feel so dry after washing my face. I can feel the surface of my skin is so rough. End up wasting money and keep the cleanser aside. 

How to use : take sufficient amount and use small amount of water to make bubbles until granules melt. After softly massaging the entire skin on face, wash several time using warm water until cleanser incompletely wash off. 

To create bubbles, I use the facial cleansing net. Look at how thick the bubbles are! 
Plant ingredients like seaweed extract, collagen and Phaseolus seed extract make the skin moisturized after face washing.

Did you realized that this cleanser create a lot of bubble? Fine and abundant bubbles. People theory nowadays : the harder they rub their skin, the cleaner their face air! BUT, THIS IS INACCURATE! People just don’t believe in the power of bubbles in cleaning our skin!

There's no need to scrub your face. Not even your fingers and hands have to touch your face. Everything can be done with just the bubble foam. these super fine bubbles can penetrate deeply into your pores.

After washing my face, you can see my face are now getting brighter. The skin condition is getting better as it looks a little bit pinkish than before I wash my face. Skin is now smoother!

What I like about this product :
- nice scent
- nice doesn’t feel dry after use
- immediate result ( brighter skin ) 

If you’re still on the way to look for your perfect cleanser, why not give this a try?

PRODUCT NAME : SNP Pore Cleansing Foam

PRICE : RM69.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Cleanser


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