[REVIEW] SNP Lovely V-Line Patch

Monday, January 26

My face is so big and round! I want a V-shape face! Even guys love ladies with V-shape face. Recently i discovered a face mask which is so so so effective where you can see the difference right after you take off the mask! 

This mask is made in Korea. It's a [4 in 1] Anti-Wrinkle, High-Moisturizing, Elasticity and V-Line Face Jaw Line mask! Make sure your face is clean before put on the mask.

The High-enriched hydrogel typed V-Line Patch contains active ingredients of Adenosine and Red Ginseng, making skin elastic and moisturizing as well as caring for wrinkles near jaw line. The patch leaves jaw line looking more attractive, charming and slimmer.

Possess The Korea Food and Drug Administration Certificate
Combination of Hydrogel and a strong adhesive force, Spandex
Equipped with DDS technology to increase absorption of active ingredient
Paraben FREE , pigment FREE

Suitable for people who want to manage facial easily, at the same time , slimmer and clearer jaw line for a V-you! Somehow, it wan only recommended to apply maximum for 3-4 hours, as the gel is made from natural ingredient and it cannot be  use for too long. For obvious/better results, recommended to use 2~3 times a week for a month continuously.

Extra use of the V-Line Patch. Beside on face, this Lovely V-line face patch also function to manage wrinkles lines. 

I think the result is obvious. This is the result which I only the gel patch for once. By just 1 gel patch, I can see so much difference, and that's why I am so in love with  this mask! Next, this gel mask is convenience to use. No sticky essence on your face, neck and hand. The whole process is clean and easy! Somehow, the gel patch is quite small for my face, hope they come out with a longer length :) 

PRODUCT NAME : SNP Lovely V-Line Patch

PRICE : RM109.00 (10 PCS) / RM11.90 ( 1 PC )

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types (Except Acne Skin)

FUNCTION : Spandex Hydrogel Mask Sheet

EFFECT : V-Shape Jaw, Anti-wrinkle 


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