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Saturday, January 17

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Happy Friday! After working for almost a whole week, all my spare time for a whole week was dedicated to typing. And now, it’s time to pamper my nails! For people like me, who has a dry skin ( too much of finger skin biting). My skin around my finger cracked and sometimes even bleed. So, what’s my solution for the dry skin, besides stop biting?

Todat I’m going to introduce you a nail mask who I’ve tried recently. Some people prefer to use hand mask, but for people who crazy about mask, nail mask is a MUST! 

How to Use:
Wash hands and dry. 
Separate nail pack, wear and fix it with sticker. 
After 15~20 minutes, remove the nail pack. 
Gently pat the remaining essence into skin for absorption.

I used Intensive Nail Pack from AVEC MOI. Each packet contains 10 slip-on masks that deliver intensive nutrients to your nail beds and cuticles.

Put in on my finger one by one. My hand look so cute with the mask on! Oh wait! You think putting on this nail mask is very inconvenient as you cannot do anything with the mask on?  You’re wrong! 

These nail mask are touchscreen-friendly! You can still playing your phone while your having nail-pamper time! You can check your Facebook, watch Youtube and anything you want.

BUT, please don’t pick your nose with the mask on ya! 

4 main natural ingredients of this nail pack
Cocoa Butter Seed Extract - moisturizes and softens cuticles. 
Honey Extract Extract - softens and moisturizes nails. 
Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil  - improves condition of cuticles, leaving nails strong and healthy. 
Papaya Fruit Extract - improve nails' tone and texture, leaving them looking vibrant and healthy.

This is how my fingers look after 15 minutes. The lotion smell so good! I love how my hand feel. As you can see in the picture, my fingers are much moisturize now. 

What i like about the mask:
- CHEAP, as its only RM8 for 10 of your fingers!

I recommend to all the office ladies who need to do typing everyday! You need this! 

PRODUCT NAME : AVEC MOI Intensive Nail Pack

PRICE : RM8.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Nail Mask


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