[ REVIEW ] AVEC MOI Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask

Sunday, January 18

Ahhhhhh~ What a wonder weekend! Rest your foot on this lovely Sunday. What do you do to pamper your foot? Go for a massage? Or put on a foot mask? I prefer buying all kind of foot mask  and enjoy my lovely Sunday at home! For this week, I'm going to try out the Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask by AVEC MOI. 

This foot mask has a very unique scent, it smell like an apple, very refreshing! I always make sure I apply foot mask one a week. Not only face and hand, even your food need some hydration. There are 6 natural ingredients in this foot mask. 

6 main natural ingredients of this mask pack: 
Avocado Fruit Extract - moisturizes skin. 
Coconut Fruit Extract - softens and hydrate dry, rough or damaged skin. 
Grapefruit Extract - anti-aging, firms skin and renews damaged skin.
Sweet Almond Fruit Extract - prevents skin from drying and improves skin's barrier function. 
Apple Fruit Extract - rejuvenates skin. 
Lemon Fruit Extract - removes dead skin cells and develops new fresh skin cells.  

As usual, there are two foot "socks" in 1 pack. There's a small  sticker on the sock to hold the socks so that it won't drop off from your leg. 

How to Use:
1. Wash feet and dry.  
2. Separate foot peeling mask into 2 pieces by cutting in the middle with a scissors.  
3. After putting them on, fix them with the stickers. 
4. Remove the foot peeling mask after 60~90 minutes, then rinse feet with lukewarm water to remove remaining essense on feet. 
5. After about 3~7 days, start exfoliating away the dead skin cells. 

Look at those essence in the foot mask. Massage your feet until all the essence is absorbed by the skin. Make sure every area of the skin absorb the essence then only the dead skin will be peel off.  

I am so happy to see those dead skin. The more the dead skin, the smoother my skin! Who don't want a baby skin foot? Skin will not peel off immediately right after you apply this mask. Wait until 3-7 days for skin to peel off.

Let's see what happened after few days!  Will update soon~

PRODUCT NAME : AVEC MOI Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask

PRICE : RM15.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Foot Peeling Mask


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