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Friday, January 16

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Girls always find themselves not beauty enough, I mean in term of physical. So am I.  BUT this doesn’t mean we do not love ourselves, we just wanted to make ourselves look more presentable!

If I have the chance, one of the thing that I wish to do something on it for “transform”, it would be my nose! I have a very unique nose, which doesn’t even own by others family member. Look at my photo and you’ll realized, I have a short, wide and flat nasal bones. My mum, my dad and even my brother have beautiful nose!!! Their nasal bones re so high until can hang cloth on it. ( LMAO! Joke joke....I’m just trying to tell you how high their nose are! )

I always wish that 1 day I can have a beautiful nose so that my brother can stop laughing at me! And you know what! He gonna keep his mouth shut as I went to visit KO SKIN SPECIALIST! I fixed my nose! 

Doctor of the day - Dr.Chong! He is super friendly and funny! In case you’re looking for someone who is friendly to talk to, look for Dr.Chong! As usual we have a consultation hour before we proceed to the next step! We talk about how its gonna be, what’s the effect and what’s my idea nose shape! We decided to do the latest aesthetic technique in heightening nose bridge using PDO thread lifts. 

These threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) material which is similar to the threads used in surgical stitches. PDO would continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. When inserted into the skin, it acts as a "scaffold"  for the skin which helps to "hold" the skin against the effects of gravity. These "mesh" of  threads can also shape the face by lifting and supporting sagging structures. The threads are absorbable and therefore will be reabsorbed in 4-6 months time leaving nothing behind but the skin structure created which continues to hold for another 15-24 months. To heighten the bridge of the nose, the threads are usually inserted through your nose tip till it reaches between your eyes. The height can be adjusted according to the number of thread you wish to insert. It's a lunch time procedure with minimal down time (eg: minimal swelling no more than a week which is subject to individual) and the only pain you will probably feel is when the doctors injects local anaesthetic to a few points along your nose line.

Doctor assistant will do some simple cleaning on our face. Then, they apply a layer of anesthetic on my skin for 30 minutes. They putted plastic wrap on my skin, to enhance the absorption anesthetic. Redness might appear after 30minutes due to the absorption of anesthetic. I will like my skin is swelling. I can’t feel my lips! Lmao!

After 30 minutes, its time for the next step! Doctor will do some marking on the face. ( Don’t worry, doctor will clean off the mark once its done)! The whole process is too complicated for me to write it out. I hope my pictures help to explain on how is everything going. 

One thing you MUST know is that, no “cut here and cut there” process involve, they use syringe to inject on the tip of my nose. Whatever they inserted, are all through the small hole. Safe enough!

Pain? Many people asked do I feel any pain during the session. For me, NO. You’ll only feel pain for 3 second, when the doctor inject into your nose tip. 

What do I like about this PDO thread lifts? The immediate effect, quick recovery and minimum downtime! I can go out and play after the PDO thread lifts! 

Well, of course everyone have their right to do anything on their face or even body. Just make sure that you found a authorized and trusted clinic before doing any surgery or treatment! 

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Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd
10A-22A, Jalan Temoh,
Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat,
41400 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 1800 22 33 22


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  1. woah! great outcome! my sister were going there too, to consult about her face :)

    1. thank you darling! Hope your sis skin get well soon =D
      I heard doctor KO good in skin case too .. hahaha!!

  2. May I know your tolerance level on pain? How pain when they inject the local anesthesia to your tip? and how you feel when they perform the procedure?

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