Tuesday, January 27

I’ve been eyeing on this products for a long time! I saw so many good reviews on this products and I wish to try it on myself to see if this products really effective!  Opps! Get shocked while I was unboxing this products!  

We call it shocking oil, BUT it doesn’t feel oily at all. It has a very watery texture which is absorbed by the skin immediately! It helps to control oiliness on our face. Very recommended to those who sweat a lot or someone who hate sticky products. 

Shake well before use. Make sure that 3 different types of Vitamin capsule are poured out on your palm! 

RED          : Vitamin A ( Long moisturizing & Neurtalizing )
YELLOW : Vitamin C ( Pore tightening & strengthening )
BLUE       : Vitamin E ( Care for flaky & dull skin )

Wipe the oil gently with your fingers. You can see the capsule has dissolved slowly. What’s the best thing about this shocking oil? No cotton pad is needed in order to apply it on skin. Don’t you think its kinda waste when you throw the cotton pad away as there’s still some essence leave on the cotton pad. 

Besides face, this shocking oil can be apply at other part of our body too!

*Before using, shake contents. Vitamins capsule will mix.

: After shower, when hair is wet, apply right amount onto the tip of the hair.
: Tap gently for absorption.

[Body Use]
: On dry areas, apply from top to bottom and let it absorb gently.
: Apply onto lips, knees, nails and on top of hands.
: Can also mix with moisturizing cream to increase moisturizing effect.

I personally think that this is a products that girls should have, especially for Malaysian who expose to hot weather everyday. It contains not 1 but 3 vitamin capsule that we our skin need! Beside skin, it can also apply on hair and others body part! Always choose the best value product!


PRICE : RM89.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type



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[ REVIEW ] LABEL YOUNG Shocking Pack

I have visible and large pores. I tried everything and anything to minimize my pores! I’m so envy to see my friends who has smooth skin, and I can’t even find any pores on their face.

The only methods of treating pore size are through minimizing their appearance and preventing future pore enlargement and skin changes by a regular skincare regimen designed to keep pores clear.

The 3-in-1 Pack. Pore + Scrub + Cleansing. Contains microcrystalline wax that exfoliates skin without irritation or scratching effect. Suitable for sensitive skin. Contains natural moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that prevents skin peeling. 

Cleansing, scrub and moisturize is very important for those who has large pores! What if, when you can find all these 3 element in 1 jar of mask! This product is free from nasties like ethanol, parabens, mineral oil, artificial colours or fragrances, benzophenone,  steroids, triethanolamine, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, chemical preservatives, methylchloroisothiazolinone, tricolsan, imidazolidinyl urea and sulphates.

How to Use:
1. Apply a thin layer of pack on your face. Leave on for 10~15 minutes. 
2. Use a little warm water on hand & gently massage away blackheads/whiteheads/excess sebum areas for 1~3 minutes.
3. Wash face thoroughly with cold water until there is no more residue.

Blind-tested by a group of 500 to test and verify its efficacy, this mask and scrub from Label Young’s Shocking range is ideal for congested skins. Providing pores a gentle yet deep clean by exfoliating dead skin cells and absorbing excess sebum, all the while removing impurities and has even been reported to improve psoriasis.

Contains natural cooling ingredient (Menthol) - shrink pores and reduce excess sebum.
Toxic elements EXCLUDED! 

I recommend to use it once a week, and make sure you apply moisturize after you clean your face as your skin might feel a bit dry. Overall, this mask do help to brighten up my skin and deep clean as well, somehow I do not like the scent of the mask. OH YA, for those who has sensitive skin, remember not to scrub to hard ya...


PRICE : RM79.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Scrub + Mask


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甲洞美食:越南餐厅 bánh mì thịt

甲洞跑透透! 泰国餐你或许吃得多,但要在甲洞里找到越南餐厅还真不容易。甲洞 Aeon Big 附近开了一间越南餐厅。这件越南餐厅没有很吸引人的招牌,却有着令人抵挡不住的美食! 不管你爱吃辣还是不辣、喜欢吃面包还是不喜欢面白,在这里又可以品尝到是和你口味的一道菜! 



越南特色热板餐 Vietnamese Special Mix Hotplate Meal ( Banh Mi Thap Cam Op La) RM 9.00

烧卖 (两粒),超级好吃的烧卖,没有牙的都能咬

麻辣河粉汤 Hot & Spicy Kuey Teow Soup RM 6.50

面条,我终于明白为什么日本人吃面条都爱发出 淅沥呼噜吃面的声音,不要以为只有日本面条会这样!我告诉你,这晚面条一样会令你情不自禁的发出 淅沥呼噜的声音!
汤头, 不会太咸,依然可以喝到汤的鲜味~

春卷 Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll ( Goi Cuon ) RM 7.00

再来,那盘花生酱料是我吃过最好吃的酱~ 一点点的甜加上一点点的咸~ 不要以为花生豆软软的,其实还是很脆很脆的啦~

地点:甲洞 Aeon Big 旁边的店面 (不是快乐城的方向), HSBC BANK 后面。

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[REVIEW] SNP Lovely V-Line Patch

Monday, January 26

My face is so big and round! I want a V-shape face! Even guys love ladies with V-shape face. Recently i discovered a face mask which is so so so effective where you can see the difference right after you take off the mask! 

This mask is made in Korea. It's a [4 in 1] Anti-Wrinkle, High-Moisturizing, Elasticity and V-Line Face Jaw Line mask! Make sure your face is clean before put on the mask.

The High-enriched hydrogel typed V-Line Patch contains active ingredients of Adenosine and Red Ginseng, making skin elastic and moisturizing as well as caring for wrinkles near jaw line. The patch leaves jaw line looking more attractive, charming and slimmer.

Possess The Korea Food and Drug Administration Certificate
Combination of Hydrogel and a strong adhesive force, Spandex
Equipped with DDS technology to increase absorption of active ingredient
Paraben FREE , pigment FREE

Suitable for people who want to manage facial easily, at the same time , slimmer and clearer jaw line for a V-you! Somehow, it wan only recommended to apply maximum for 3-4 hours, as the gel is made from natural ingredient and it cannot be  use for too long. For obvious/better results, recommended to use 2~3 times a week for a month continuously.

Extra use of the V-Line Patch. Beside on face, this Lovely V-line face patch also function to manage wrinkles lines. 

I think the result is obvious. This is the result which I only the gel patch for once. By just 1 gel patch, I can see so much difference, and that's why I am so in love with  this mask! Next, this gel mask is convenience to use. No sticky essence on your face, neck and hand. The whole process is clean and easy! Somehow, the gel patch is quite small for my face, hope they come out with a longer length :) 

PRODUCT NAME : SNP Lovely V-Line Patch

PRICE : RM109.00 (10 PCS) / RM11.90 ( 1 PC )

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Types (Except Acne Skin)

FUNCTION : Spandex Hydrogel Mask Sheet

EFFECT : V-Shape Jaw, Anti-wrinkle 


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[ REVIEW ] SNP Pore Cleansing Foam

Wednesday, January 21

What is your favorite cleanser of the year? Cleanser is very important for our skin especially when we expose to all kind on dust and dirt every days! We will never know which cleanser is suitable to your skin until you’ve tried several types of cleanser! 

Have you ever tried the Pore Cleansing Foam from SNP? SNP has been very famous for the pass year. Today, I'm going to try out their facial foam. 

 SNP is original Korea Brand and it has been so famous for the past few months. They have different type of beauty products to fit all types of skin! This facial foam is suitable to all type of skin.

 In this facial foam, it contained so much of good ingredient which make your skin even healthier! Plant ingredients like seaweed extract, collagen and Phaseolus seed extract make the skin moisturized after face washing.

The product contains seaweed extract and arginine composite to help remove wastes and contaminants inside pores. It moisturizes the skin and delays drying and wrinkle creation in the skin.

Phaseolus Radiatus seed extract brings effects like removal of make-up toxicity, removal of sebum, cleansing, moisturizing and clean skin.

Collagen helps prevent aging of the skin, improve wrinkles and maintain elastic skin.

Fine and abundant bubbles and green granule clean out make-up residues, old crusts and wastes inside pores. This product is a cream cleanser that makes the skin smoother, cleaner and fresher.

Some facial foam make my skin feel so dry after washing my face. I can feel the surface of my skin is so rough. End up wasting money and keep the cleanser aside. 

How to use : take sufficient amount and use small amount of water to make bubbles until granules melt. After softly massaging the entire skin on face, wash several time using warm water until cleanser incompletely wash off. 

To create bubbles, I use the facial cleansing net. Look at how thick the bubbles are! 
Plant ingredients like seaweed extract, collagen and Phaseolus seed extract make the skin moisturized after face washing.

Did you realized that this cleanser create a lot of bubble? Fine and abundant bubbles. People theory nowadays : the harder they rub their skin, the cleaner their face air! BUT, THIS IS INACCURATE! People just don’t believe in the power of bubbles in cleaning our skin!

There's no need to scrub your face. Not even your fingers and hands have to touch your face. Everything can be done with just the bubble foam. these super fine bubbles can penetrate deeply into your pores.

After washing my face, you can see my face are now getting brighter. The skin condition is getting better as it looks a little bit pinkish than before I wash my face. Skin is now smoother!

What I like about this product :
- nice scent
- nice doesn’t feel dry after use
- immediate result ( brighter skin ) 

If you’re still on the way to look for your perfect cleanser, why not give this a try?

PRODUCT NAME : SNP Pore Cleansing Foam

PRICE : RM69.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Cleanser


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[ REVIEW ] LABEL YOUNG Shocking Cream Pore

Monday, January 19

Pores, pores, pores... First time I see when looking into a mirror is just PORES. I used to have serious acne skin, and this cause my skin to have  a lot of large pores. I keep all my beauty products in my mini refrigerator. I believe by applying cold product on skin can help to minimize the appearance of my large pores.

In case you're a KPOP fans. Here's a Korean brand beauty products which can help to minimize our pore and manage those black and whiteheads on our skin! 

10 harmful ingredients that are not included are: Paraben, ​Triclosan, Benzyl Alcohol, No Artificial Coloring, Triethanolamine, Petrolatum, Imidazolindyl Urea, Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol, Mineral Oil. 

This Shocking Cream Pore helps to :

  • refines and tighten pores. Shocking cream helps to control the sebum secretion. it contains a natural ingredient that is effective for pore tightening. 
  • It contains 15 types of ingredients that supply nutrition and moisture to the skin
  • Special effect, cooling down the skin heat
  • Lift up our skin

Cream in jar. I know there are some people out there who are not so fancy with jar container. In term of hygiene, I prefer the tube container. A watery cream, where the texture is quite similar to gel. 

How to Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply an appropriate amount on your palm. Tap face gently to improve absorption. 

I like the texture. It's not oily and greasy at all. Apply this before apply any makeup! My face become so smooth after apply this cream, it do helps to minimize my pores. As always, Label Young products have the refreshing scent. I keep this cream in my mini refrigerator. Its so comfortable when you apply this cold cream under a hot weather. 

PRODUCT NAME : Label Young Shocking Cream Pore

PRICE : RM89.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Gel / Cream


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[ REVIEW ] AVEC MOI Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask

Sunday, January 18

Ahhhhhh~ What a wonder weekend! Rest your foot on this lovely Sunday. What do you do to pamper your foot? Go for a massage? Or put on a foot mask? I prefer buying all kind of foot mask  and enjoy my lovely Sunday at home! For this week, I'm going to try out the Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask by AVEC MOI. 

This foot mask has a very unique scent, it smell like an apple, very refreshing! I always make sure I apply foot mask one a week. Not only face and hand, even your food need some hydration. There are 6 natural ingredients in this foot mask. 

6 main natural ingredients of this mask pack: 
Avocado Fruit Extract - moisturizes skin. 
Coconut Fruit Extract - softens and hydrate dry, rough or damaged skin. 
Grapefruit Extract - anti-aging, firms skin and renews damaged skin.
Sweet Almond Fruit Extract - prevents skin from drying and improves skin's barrier function. 
Apple Fruit Extract - rejuvenates skin. 
Lemon Fruit Extract - removes dead skin cells and develops new fresh skin cells.  

As usual, there are two foot "socks" in 1 pack. There's a small  sticker on the sock to hold the socks so that it won't drop off from your leg. 

How to Use:
1. Wash feet and dry.  
2. Separate foot peeling mask into 2 pieces by cutting in the middle with a scissors.  
3. After putting them on, fix them with the stickers. 
4. Remove the foot peeling mask after 60~90 minutes, then rinse feet with lukewarm water to remove remaining essense on feet. 
5. After about 3~7 days, start exfoliating away the dead skin cells. 

Look at those essence in the foot mask. Massage your feet until all the essence is absorbed by the skin. Make sure every area of the skin absorb the essence then only the dead skin will be peel off.  

I am so happy to see those dead skin. The more the dead skin, the smoother my skin! Who don't want a baby skin foot? Skin will not peel off immediately right after you apply this mask. Wait until 3-7 days for skin to peel off.

Let's see what happened after few days!  Will update soon~

PRODUCT NAME : AVEC MOI Fruit & Vinegar Foot Peeling Mask

PRICE : RM15.00

SKIN TYPE : All Skin Type

FUNCTION : Foot Peeling Mask


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