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Wednesday, December 3

Hello! How many of you are face mask lover? Well, I am! I can’t live without mask. 

I love buying different types of mask for eye, face, hand feet and also hair! There are too many mask in the market and sometimes I just get confused and not sure which to choose! We shouldn’t use only 1 type of mask. Sometimes we need brightening, sometimes we need moisturize, sometimes we need to detox...

Recently, I bought Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask from Hishop. I have to admit, I’ve been buying too much of beauty products recently. I know I should stop spending but .... grrrrr...Christmas sales everywhere, how can I resists to buy it all! 

Ciracle is a very famous korean brand skin care product. Especially their blackheads remover sheets. I used once and its AWESOME! Since I never use any clay mask before, i think its time for me to invest for 1! 

Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask contains the rare ingredient Jeju volcanic clay, an ingredient only found in Jeju island, Korea. Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask contains 6700mg of volcanic ash, known for its ability to cleanse the skin of impurities. Use this mask to help absorb the sebum in pores and assist various skin problems such as blackheads, blemishes and dry skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Benefit :
·  Tightens large pores
·  Removes dead skin cells
·  Absorbs sebum and skin waste so as to remove them
·  Soothes blemishes
·  Reduces and prevents blackheads and skin troubles
·  Moisturises the skin to make it soft and smooth
·  Purifies and whitens skin tone

 After cleaning my face, I applied the mask on my skin. Make sure you cover problem areas such as blackheads, large pores and blemishes. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Take selfie! Then, wash off with warm water. 

I love this mask! It give instant result as you can see in the picture! Same like other mask, it come along with a weird scent but its acceptable :D

After 20 minutes, the mask become flaky, you will start to feel your skin tighten. That’s normal. Never rub your skin with dry tissues / cloth , it may hurt your skin! Remove clay by washing with warm water and a washcloth (be gentle). Tao the wet cloth on the mask, make sure the mask is soft then only you clean the mask GENTLY! 

My skin are now clean, fresh and smoothed. The complexion are more radiant, matte and unified. The most important, the appearance of my pores are now reduced! 

Where Do I Bought This: Hishop
LOVE ♥ Trislynn Chan

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