Premier Clinic : SilkPeel Dermalinfusion for Pores

Thursday, December 18

Hello guys! I am so happy today! Because, I’ve make the first step in my life, and have some work done on my face! Not 1 but 2! Everyone has skin problems. You have and I have it too! Let’s face the problems, make changes and be beautiful!

Few weeks ago, I went to Premier Clinic, bangsar Branch. Its not easy to find parking here, so make sure you visit at the correct timing or elso you gonna spend 1 hour just to find a parking lost for your lovely car! 

Dr.Aarthi Maria will be the 1 in charge for my case! Before we get things start, we have a short consultation session. We talk about my skin conditions, what’s the best solution for my skin...


I have big pores and pimple scars on my skin! No matter how many foundation or concealer i put on my skin. People are still gonna see my pores and scars. Been trying for so many products, scars are still on my face! BOOOOOOOOOO sama dia! 

After discussing with dr, and we decided to have a Dermalinfusion! By doing this, it helps to removes dead skin, and also triggers the production of collagen which is needed to mend itself. 

No pain feeling during the whole process. All i can feel is the suction of the machine. Its like trying to suck out all the dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads. Just lying on the chair, close your eyes and enjoy ~Right after the suction, you can feel your skin is so much smoother than before, like a baby skin! The only thing is that, skin might result in dryness. Some skin my peel off. That's why skin moisturization is so important after the treatment. 

No downtime is needed for this swift treatment. Some discomfort or a tingling sensation may be experienced if you have sensitive skin, but this is temporary and should subside after a few hours. 

My skin are now look more healthier! NO more heavy concealer ! Yeah! Want to read my 2nd beauty treatment, how I get my upper lip hair gone! Read it HERE!

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