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Thursday, December 18

Have you read my story on SilkPeel Dermalinfusion for Pores? If no, click HERE to read it! After sharing my experience on making my pores smaller and brighten up my scars, now I'm going to share with you how I make my facial hair gone!

I have moustache since I was in Form 1. Beside moustache, i got a lot of tiny facial hair on my skin! I don’t know why i got so many hair on my skin. The worst part is I even have more hair than my brother! WTF! 

I just hate putting on makeup. All those foundation and BB Cream just make the moustache to become more apparent! Argghh! No matter hoe thick the foundation, it always end up like I didn’t apply anything. Those facial hair is like a protection layer on my skin and block those powder to “set” on my skin! Powder-proof enough huh! 

I know there are a lot of ways that I can make this hair removed! Believe me, I’ve tried all these. I tried waxing at Benefit. That’s the reason my hair get longer. I went for threading facial hair removal, it’s so pain until i want to punch the lady! I bleach my hair, i think this is the stupiest thing i did. Because the hair never get disappear and still can be ‘view’ by public!

Before the laser treatment start, they cut some of my upper lip hair as my upper lip hair is too long! 

Dr.Aarthi Maria help me to do a laser treatment. I have to say, it’s really pain especially for the upper lip part! Its REALLY pain. However, the pain only appear on the upper lip. I didn’t feel anything at other face area like forehead, chin, the area between both eyebrow... I guess maybe the upper lip skin is just too thin. Lmao! 

Right after the laser treatment, i touched my skin! Bahahaha, its so smooth man! As you can see, there are some redness on my forehead and my upper lip. You might feel a little bit sore and a bit hot. I do have a water bladders on my upper lip skin. 

I like how it feel, my skin is no more powder-proof! If you looking for somewhere to do a hair laser treatment! Premier Clinic would be good for you! 

HE - HE - HE - HE - HE

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