Kedah Beris Lake Vineyard

Friday, December 19

My friends went outstation on work. Then, i decided to follow her. I don’t know why am I still following her on this trip even though I knew its boring. We didn’t even have time for nice place and nice food. Before back to KL, we actually spend some time to the grape farm at Kampung Ternas, Sik, Kedah! 

I know there are some grape farm in Cameron, but i never thought that there’s one grape farm which actually located at Kedah named : BERIS LAKE VINEYARD. Beris Lake Vineyard has listed as one of the must visit attraction once you come to Kedah. 

Well, we need to pay for the entrance fees. And the entrance fees has increased. Rm6 per person. For me, the price is acceptable. Its not easy to maintain a grape farm. The maintenance fees is high. You want people to have nice farm for you to visit, pay it and enjoy it!  

The scenery is awesome. There’s a lake right beside the farm! Beautiful environment, nice weather, fresh air, good mood... What a wonderful day! I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair. Step into the Beris Lake Vineyard area, am I really standing in a Malaysia grape farm? 

Just like any other fruits farm, we are not allowed to pluck the fruits. You just pay RM6, and you know what I mean. 

I’m a happy kid! I’m so happy looking at those grapes hanging above my head! Workers are standing somewhere, watch out! Raww~

Oh, here’s something I want to share with you all! There’s a grape named ISABELLA! Its the only grape in the farm that actually give out smell!!! Believe me, it smell so good~ Just feel like wanna have a bite on it ( if I’m allowed to do so! ) If you’re walking in the farm and you suddenly smell something sweet, that’s because of ISABELLA GRAPE! 

What now! Nom nom time! They have grape curry puff, grape juice, grape spring roll and grape cake. They do not have much selection here. I can’t taste any grape in the spring roll. The cake is just too sweet for me. The mee hon is the best!

After having some food, let’s have a seat beside the lake! Take selfie, welfie, groupfie bla bla bla.... No bodies want to leave here! At least, I don’t want to! 

Here end my trip at Beris Lake Vineyard! I’m waiting for more grape to grow and I’m definitely going back there!! 

Luv ya,

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  1. looks like a nice place! is the weather cold there? =D

    Merry Christmas! =D
    I'm 25 already!!


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