Favorite Perfume/Body Spray of the year 2014

Monday, December 1

Hello everyone! Here come the last month of the year! December is always the most excited month for me! Start wrapping all the Christmas present with all my friends. Ok! for today, I'm going to share with you my favorite perfume / deodorant of the year!

I bought so many perfume this year, and I have come out with 5 types of perfume which I love the most! let's get started!

212 Sexy Women Deo by CAROLINA HERRERA
This is not a perfume, its a body spray. I use this everyday to work. It doesn't have a attractive packaging BUT i have to say it has a very fresh and delicate smell! I personally think its a unisex deodorant as its doesn't smell too feminine. What i love about this body spray is that, it last for a long hour which will keep you fresh and youthful throughout the day. I work 8 hours a day, but the smell is still on my body without spraying it on body for 2nd time! 

Cheap & Chic Hippy Fizz by MOSCHINO
I love MOSCHINO perfume so so much! MOSCHINO perfume always smell so fresh and light! It just make me feel so young! Cheap & Chic Happy Fizz was created of aromas of raspberry leaves, May rose, violets from Parma, magnolia, lotus, cedar, osmanthus and sensual musk. If you wish yourself to smell like a fruits, you should try this out! One more thing, don't you think the packaging looks like Popeye's girlfriend - Olive Oyl?

Secret Wish For Women by ANNA SUI
Another perfume that gonna make you smell like fruit! Sometimes I perfer to smell like a fruit instead of flower. Hey! Do you notice there's a smell fairy on the bottle cap? Awww...so cute isn't it! Very innocent, fresh, lovely perfume for young girl! Not trying to say I'm young, but this perfume do bring me back to my school time! Bahahah!

Oh man! How can I resist this?! I mean look at those butterfly on the bottle! Somehow it doesn't smell like a honey AT ALL. I did not love this perfume at first, but after spraying it for few times, I realise its not so overpowering floral scent is actually suitable for any occasion. I wear it when i attend event, gathering and shopping! Not too much, a little of it is more than enough to make people feel refreshing!

Those on above might be expensive for some of you! Now, I am going to share with you one of low-end perfume which I like very very much! 

Cameron Lavender
I bought it at Lavender Farm , Cameron Highland! Ice blue perfume in a purple colour bottle. Sometimes, a cheap perfume can also be refreshing as those expensive one. I use this when go out for dinner with my family. Sometimes, i even spray it in my car. The lavender scent do help me to relax my mind. Ahhhh...Wish I'm standing in the Lavender farm now :(

These are my favorite perfume/ body spray of mine. How about you? Leave your comment below and tell me what's your favorite perfume of the year! Love ya ~

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  1. Replies
    1. Hello dear,

      not just the packaging, even the smell is nice!! hehe :D

  2. look interesting..i wish i can try it too...hehe...
    klik 3 ads for you girl ^^

    1. Awwww!!! thank you dear!
      Hope you'll be back next time! heheheh :D

  3. 5 perfume in a year? i can't even finish 1 in a year! haha
    or you use it for different occasion? hahaha =p

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  4. I love moschino perfumes :) The bottle of Secret wish looks super adorable. Btw, I followed you on GFC hope you can follow me back


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  6. Oh my gosh the bottles are just super cute! I really like the Marc Jacobs one. :)

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