[REVIEW] PHILIPS VisaPure Cleansing Tool

Wednesday, October 8

Been using PHILIPS Visa Pure for one month time. Many people are asking ‘how does it work’, ‘does it really so efficient’, ‘Can use it on sensitive skin’ ... Bla bla bla! So today, I’m going to do a review on this product, spending almost RM800 for this product, worth or not? 

In case you don't know what VisaPure is... You can check out my previous post at http://prepandtrends.blogspot.com/2014/10/event-philips-visapure-cleansing-tool.html . 

What do we get for RM800? I’m using SC5275 ( Pink) . So, for today reveiw, it will be based on SC5275 ONLY! It comes with 2 brushes: one for normal skin and one for specifically designed for sensitive skin, a pouch, charging and storing stand. 

In case you want to change the brush head, you can buy it individually. Normal skin replacement brush head @ RM59 , sensitive skin replacement brush head @ RM65 and exfoliating skin replacement brush head @ RM69.  

How to use?

Do not squeeze your cleansing foam / cleansing gel / cleansing cream directly onto the brush. We should rub the cleansing foam / cleansing gel / cleansing cream until the bubble form. Apply the bubble on our skin. 

Next, make sure your brush is wet. Divide face into 3 zones : T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. The Philips VisaPure's smart Skin Zone Timer alert you to start switching zones after 20 seconds with a short pause. the full program lasts one minutes after which the device automatically switches off to avoid overstimulation, and to signal that the moist step in your skincare regime is now complete! 

What i like about this product?

Water proof. Can use it during shower ( good for those who keep say no time for deep cleansing ). Drop in into bath tub? Small case la~  

Elegant design. ( I love the outlook of the product, just a huge pencil )

Convenient. ( I can bring it to anywhere even i go for a trip )

Super Soft Brush. ( The brush head for normal skin is soft. BUT the brush head for sensitive skin is softer. )

2 Speed setting. ( I love the 2 speed setting so that i can choose the certain speeding according to my skin condition. )

Before I clean my face ( just back from Gambang Safari), as you can see there are a lot of large pores on my cheek. T-zone and nose area are quite oily. 
After using Philips VisaPure, skin become super smooth. Skin are now brighter! Pore become less visible when all the impurities and dirt been sweep away!
INSTANT RESULT.  ( just use it for 1 minute, then i can feel my skin is super duper soft like just finish my facial! Skin get brighten up! I TAK TIPU! I SWARE! )
Rm799 it seems a little pricey for some of the people out there. But its really worth to invest in this cleansing tool since it bring you a healthier and cleaner skin. 

Do leave me a message if you have any question or share your cleansing tool experience with me. 
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