[ REVIEW + GIVEAWAY ] E.V.E all-in-1 facial bar

Thursday, October 9

After trying out so many type of cleansing cream... cleansing gel etc. Is time to back to the basic! The Facial Bar Soap! Today i’m going to do a review on E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar. 

E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar is one of the beauty product from E.V.E. For those who have acne skin, always spend more time when choose a products. We need to make sure that we chose the correct to apply on my face without any irritation or itchiness. 

How about E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar? Because of the potent active ingredients Heilmoor Clay, Aloe Vera, Virgin Coconut Oil, Ionic Colloidal Silver's antiseptic, anti-microbrial & anti-inflammatory properties, E.V.E products not only give you a clear complexion but also to protect against future breakout.  And that is why E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar suitable For People of All Ages and Skin Types! 

This is how the bar soap look like! I’m not sure what the exact name for this colour, MATTE BROWN i guess. It’s in a small cube size. The surface is a little rough which make the texture look like clay. 

For some of you who don’t like products with smell, don’t worry! No fragrant for this product!  Odorless doesn’t mean it’s smelly!

This bar soap create a lot of bubble. Always remember, bubbles will lock all the impurities and dust make our face clean. Do not rub the bar soap directly onto your face! 

After washing my face, i didn't feel any dryness on my skin. I feel my skin is so clean! Another thing is, look at my pores. My pores become smaller. 


Giveaway time! I’m giving away 20 E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar you my readers! First come first serve basis!  All you need to do is log on to http://www.evemiracle.com.my/ create a account for yourself. 

key in the code : TRISLYNNCHAN

then, you will entitle a E.V.E All-In-1 bar FOR FREE ( worth RM69 ). Reader need to pay for the postage. Only 20 bar soap available, so first come first serve!

For more information , log on to: 

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  1. I haven't tried this one yet though probably next week but seeing how well it works on your skin and the difference, I'm so looking forward to try it! Great review ^_^


  2. wow really? I would love to try this soap since I love anything related with beauty product hehe thanks dear :)


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