Opening of Brand New Kontiki Poolside Restaurant

Thursday, October 23

I am so happy to be a part of the blogger team to enjoy wonderful dinner at Kontiki Restaurant, The Federal Hotel! Federal Hotel is a historical landmark located along bustling Bukit Bintang, amidst  the amazing shopping , entertainment and dining paradise of Kuala Lumpur.  

Federal Hotel International and The Federal Kuala Lumpur is proud is unveil the new Kontiki Restaurant, on 19 September 2014, with a modern contemporary interior-designed concept offering an extensive and specially selected buffet spread with an elevated interactive consumer dining experience with an open kitchen, and watch the chef prepare our meal. 

This stylish contemporary setting restaurant on the mezzanine floor offers a relaxing and refreshing view of the outdoor pool with a lush tropical garden and tree lights.

 With a less-is-more minimalist feel which enables guests to flow seamlessly between its indoor and outdoor, the interior decor is a mix and match of old and new starting with two giant Tikis at the main entrance to welcome you to comfortable seating including the rattan “love seat”.

 Raw high ceiling with globe lights makes the Kontiki float like being in an open sea on a serene moonlit night, giving the space an open airness that flows from area to area.

Step into Kontiki to experience international flavors and authentic local dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients, and served by staff known for their friendliness, grace and warmth. From delectable bbq seafood and the finest cuts of meat to flaming bbq favourites admidst casual dining. Kontiki offers guests an exciting array of tastes and culinary experience to enjoy. 

Kontiki buffets features a wide selection of unique blend of Asian and Continental cuisine alongside traditional culinary delights with the main highlights being duck oven that roasts sumptuous duck meat such as Peking Duck, Pee Pa Duck and various styles of Hong Kong’s barbecued duck. 

Diner will be able to view feature an additional BBQ Station with an wide array of seafood, shellfish, poultry and meat. This culinary BBQ station is one of its kind and it is where the shawarma grill and rotisseries oven conveniently located. 

Savour prime cuts of meat, delectable seafood and vegetables grilled or barbequed to perfection and for that local flavour try Kontiki signature local marinades and spice for that added spice and heat. Kontiki also serves Malaysian favourites and Kid’s meals in its ala carte menu and a good selection of local dishes which are a true reflection of our rich culture of fusion. 
Looking for good place for dinner? Why not head to Kontiki Restaurant and spend your time with your loves one! 
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[REVIEW] : Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse

Friday, October 10

Helloooooo! Product to review for today : Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse! If you're in love which mousses type of product, then you probably will fall in love with this! 

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse is suitable for all skin type, especially for sensitive and dry skin. Recommended for combination skin with oil unbalancing, acnes, whitehead and blackhead.  

The bubbles, created by the dispensing pump, minimize the molecular size of the concentrated properties of the product. I found that skin care products which are in mousses form are easily to absorb by the skin! 

 The bubbles are so soft and gentle. You can even apply this product around your eyes! Mousses can be form by just 1 easy press. This gentle mousse helps to remove dead skin, and helps to refine pores. If you applied non-waterproof make-up, this product can help you to clean it! 

How moisturise is it? I squeezed the mousse on my hand. What do you think regarding the moisture level? High ? Low? It actually smell quite weird. I prefer something odorless. 

I just back from work. I clean my face using Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse before i start my daily skincare routine. Saturate cotton pad with Oxysolution Mousse and wipe the entire skin surface. Rinsing is optional. 

Look at the cotton pad! Omg!!! MY skin are so dirty! All the dust and impurities has been sweep off and stick on the cotton pad. 

Somehow, i don't really like the stickiness feeling of the product. My face feel so sticky ( without rising with water ). I suggest you all to rise your face with water. Face immediately become soo smooth!  
PRODUCT : Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse 110ml

BRAND : Beauty Talk

SKIN TYPE : Suitable for all skin type, especially for sensitive and dry skin. 

PRICE : RM94.50

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[ REVIEW + GIVEAWAY ] E.V.E all-in-1 facial bar

Thursday, October 9

After trying out so many type of cleansing cream... cleansing gel etc. Is time to back to the basic! The Facial Bar Soap! Today i’m going to do a review on E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar. 

E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar is one of the beauty product from E.V.E. For those who have acne skin, always spend more time when choose a products. We need to make sure that we chose the correct to apply on my face without any irritation or itchiness. 

How about E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar? Because of the potent active ingredients Heilmoor Clay, Aloe Vera, Virgin Coconut Oil, Ionic Colloidal Silver's antiseptic, anti-microbrial & anti-inflammatory properties, E.V.E products not only give you a clear complexion but also to protect against future breakout.  And that is why E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar suitable For People of All Ages and Skin Types! 

This is how the bar soap look like! I’m not sure what the exact name for this colour, MATTE BROWN i guess. It’s in a small cube size. The surface is a little rough which make the texture look like clay. 

For some of you who don’t like products with smell, don’t worry! No fragrant for this product!  Odorless doesn’t mean it’s smelly!

This bar soap create a lot of bubble. Always remember, bubbles will lock all the impurities and dust make our face clean. Do not rub the bar soap directly onto your face! 

After washing my face, i didn't feel any dryness on my skin. I feel my skin is so clean! Another thing is, look at my pores. My pores become smaller. 


Giveaway time! I’m giving away 20 E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar you my readers! First come first serve basis!  All you need to do is log on to create a account for yourself. 

key in the code : TRISLYNNCHAN

then, you will entitle a E.V.E All-In-1 bar FOR FREE ( worth RM69 ). Reader need to pay for the postage. Only 20 bar soap available, so first come first serve!

For more information , log on to: 

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[REVIEW] PHILIPS VisaPure Cleansing Tool

Wednesday, October 8

Been using PHILIPS Visa Pure for one month time. Many people are asking ‘how does it work’, ‘does it really so efficient’, ‘Can use it on sensitive skin’ ... Bla bla bla! So today, I’m going to do a review on this product, spending almost RM800 for this product, worth or not? 

In case you don't know what VisaPure is... You can check out my previous post at . 

What do we get for RM800? I’m using SC5275 ( Pink) . So, for today reveiw, it will be based on SC5275 ONLY! It comes with 2 brushes: one for normal skin and one for specifically designed for sensitive skin, a pouch, charging and storing stand. 

In case you want to change the brush head, you can buy it individually. Normal skin replacement brush head @ RM59 , sensitive skin replacement brush head @ RM65 and exfoliating skin replacement brush head @ RM69.  

How to use?

Do not squeeze your cleansing foam / cleansing gel / cleansing cream directly onto the brush. We should rub the cleansing foam / cleansing gel / cleansing cream until the bubble form. Apply the bubble on our skin. 

Next, make sure your brush is wet. Divide face into 3 zones : T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. The Philips VisaPure's smart Skin Zone Timer alert you to start switching zones after 20 seconds with a short pause. the full program lasts one minutes after which the device automatically switches off to avoid overstimulation, and to signal that the moist step in your skincare regime is now complete! 

What i like about this product?

Water proof. Can use it during shower ( good for those who keep say no time for deep cleansing ). Drop in into bath tub? Small case la~  

Elegant design. ( I love the outlook of the product, just a huge pencil )

Convenient. ( I can bring it to anywhere even i go for a trip )

Super Soft Brush. ( The brush head for normal skin is soft. BUT the brush head for sensitive skin is softer. )

2 Speed setting. ( I love the 2 speed setting so that i can choose the certain speeding according to my skin condition. )

Before I clean my face ( just back from Gambang Safari), as you can see there are a lot of large pores on my cheek. T-zone and nose area are quite oily. 
After using Philips VisaPure, skin become super smooth. Skin are now brighter! Pore become less visible when all the impurities and dirt been sweep away!
INSTANT RESULT.  ( just use it for 1 minute, then i can feel my skin is super duper soft like just finish my facial! Skin get brighten up! I TAK TIPU! I SWARE! )
Rm799 it seems a little pricey for some of the people out there. But its really worth to invest in this cleansing tool since it bring you a healthier and cleaner skin. 

Do leave me a message if you have any question or share your cleansing tool experience with me. 
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The Ice Cream Bucket Challenge

Tuesday, October 7

OOH MY GAS SDN BHD is the first hi-tech Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Asia. OMG! Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream recently launched OMG Ice Cream Bucket Challenge, inspired by ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

OMG chief executive officer Brendan Yuan is giving the donation to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Selangor. 

Ice cream lover can participate by taking up the challenge to eat 16 ounces (453g) of ice cream in less 3 minutes. Upon completion of the challenge , the individual would not have to pay for the ice cream and OMG will pay RM50 for each challenge to the home. 

Over the weekend , the kids of Persatuan Kasih Sayang Kanak-kanak Padmasambhava Klang visited OMG to take the challenge and help Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Selangor (Klang Utama Charity Home). 15 gutsy kids managed to chomp away and beat the 3 minutes clock, raising RM750 for Klang Utama Caring Home!

If you're wondering can we finish the ice cream in 3 minutes... One of the boy who finished the whole bucket of inc cream in just 32 seconds. If he can finish in 32 second , so do you! 

I joined the challenge as well. I choose chocolate flavor ice cream. I thought i would be easy to swallow the ice cream especially wen it comes to my favorite ice cream. We've all sucked down the ice cream  too quickly that it causes a sudden headache! 

Anyhow, being part of the corporate team was a fun experience! 

The ice cream bucket challenge will be continue until 30 October 2014. WE CAN'T HELP EVERYONE, BUT EVERYONE CAN HELP! hope everyone will join in this beautiful charity event to raise for the organization.  We need you to join and help to raise more fund for those who need! 

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[EVENT] : PHILIPS VisaPure Cleansing tool

Saturday, October 4

Hello beauties! few weeks ago i went to PHILIPS blogger / media launch! Are you ready to know what are Philips new products? This time, PHILIPS is coming out with a brand new skin cleaning tool - PHILIPS VisaPure. There are too many cleansing tool out there, so let's see what's so special about PHILIPS VisaPure! We start our session with a short and fun product introduction!We all know the importance of a beautiful skin. So , we are here to discover something new for our skin! 

VisaPure works with THE ONLY CLEANSING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD - Dual Motion technology. The brush rotate and vibrateacross skin to lift dirt and impurities. The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, the skin is deeply cleansed. The vertical motion provides a comfortable massaging effect, improving microcirculation. 

Change areas after 20 seconds across three zones: T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. After 1 minute programme. PHILIPS VisaPure automatically switches off to prevent overtreatment. 

VisaPure silky soft bristles easily reach all areas. The bristle can remove all impurities over all areas hands cannot reach easily. With the silky soft bristle, you can cleanse pores in a gentle way. Look what happen if we use hand to wash our face? Hands can't really clean all the impurities in the pores. That's is why we need cleansing tool for cleaner skin! 

VisaPure comes with 2 brushes: one for normal skin and one for specifically designed for sensitive skin. Normal skin replacement brush head @ RM59 , sensitive skin replacement brush head @ RM65 and exfoliating skin replacement brush head @ RM69. 

We did a experiment on the spot by using an orange. Orange has a rough surface which are like our pores. BB cream is applied on the surface of the orange. First, we clean the BB cream using our finger. As result, we still can see BB cream on the surface of the orange. They are a lot more which stay in the ‘pores’. What if we use PHILIPS VisaPure? It clean ALL the BB Cream even the BB Cream that remain in the ‘pores’. VisaPure is 10x more effective than cleansing by hands but just as gentle. 

The new PHILIPS VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores at a recommended price of RM799 for SC5275 ( Pink) and RM699 for SC5265 (blue).


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