Monday, September 15

If you're looking for somewhere new to visit in Ipoh, well, this is a place that you should  pay a visit. Today I'm going to share with you "Gaharu Valley" in Ipoh. This is how their main entrance look like. 

If you're living in KL like me, you better breath in the fresh oxygen as much as you can! I don't think you can get such clean oxygen in KL. Dayuum, start missing there already. Standing at the middle of the car parking area, fuuuuh...so beautiful!!

Entrance fees : RM 10 per person. For the RM10, you'll receive a small piece of kayu raja. Its in dark chocolate and a packet of tea. Not really know what's the usage of this kayu raja but since we pay for it, I keep that in my bag.  LOL

I suggest you to visit here on weekday, except you like to hanging around with many people. I prefer to visit on weekday.

1st stop : The Viewing Stage

Here come our first stop, the Viewing Stage. Viewing Stage is still under construction. But, you still can see the beautiful scene by standing here. Take photo with your lovely friends and family. What are we doing here? Before we go and explore farm, we're here to gain some basic knowledge on the background of the company, how the Aquilaria trees are planted, how gaharu are formed and so on...

2nd stop : The Hugging Park

So, here we are at The Hugging Park. Trees are painted with different type of animals. But don’t worry, all these drawing are painted using special material which will not harm the trees. Standing over here make me feel like I’m back to my childhood time. Running here and there. 

Do you know what is Biomagnetism Therapy. According to our narrator of the day, these tress help to replenish the body’s weakened bio-magnetic field. All you need to do is hug the tree in any pose, any position u like. As long as both of your palm are on the body of the trees. 

Some people might feel tingling on their palm, some feel hot on their palm,and of course some people might feel nothing at all. To fell the energy flow,you need to make yourself calm and relax. But if you still feel nothing. Hug it for one hour! (joke joke xP)

3rd stop - Lover trees.

From here, you get to discover the love story of trees. If you want to know what tthis uncle said, please continue reading. 

Once upon a time, there’s a ‘angmo’ came to Ipoh and falling in love with one of the orang asli. One day the angmo’s parent came to Ipoh and want to bring her back to her homeland. Angmo is afraid and don’t want to separate with the orang asli. So, angmo and the orang asli hide under a tree. 

These are the trees where both the angmo and the orang asli hide. 

4th stop : HOGA Mart

Here’s the last stop. Shopping time!  Walk into the souvenir shop. Damn I wish I can stay here. You never know by planting a tree, you can come out with so much of products. They have instant noodles, tea, tidbits, health care products and many many more! I want to try their instant noodles!!! *face palm*

Nom Nom Time! there are variety of foods and drinks you can try over here. Must try their HOGA Ice-cream.

I’m a big fan of jelly. Eating cold jelly after spending so many hours under a hot sun, phew… you just can’t imagine how comfortable I am. Since it’s make by using the ingredient of the tree, so I thought it taste like tortoise jelly. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have the medicinal taste or taste any bitterness. Besides trying their tea, you should give this jelly a try too!  Look at the colour of the jelly, it’s crystal clear. It’s squishy, and smooth. Awwww…I wish I can eat this now!

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