[FOOD REVIEW ENGLISH VERSION] : Hunting for dessert in Ipoh

Tuesday, September 23

Most of the girls love to eat dessert.I love to eat dessert. It would be better if i can enjoy my dessert in a graceful and comfortable environment. Woman are special, woman never get enough of dessert. We eat dessert when we’re sad, when we’re happy...Where to find a delicious cake, especially in Ipoh ? 

M Boutique Hotel Hotel is one of the famous hotel in Ipoh. Very unique designed outlook. Myth Eatery & Bar, as one of the partner of M boutique Hotel. One of the restaurant in the hotel. 

Walked in, sit down and take a deep breath. I always feel so uncomfortable when I’m alone. I feel tension when i have to sit in the restaurant alone. This is the first time I took my first step, open my mouth and order food. It’s sounds crazy but this is who i am. 

Good food, romantic environment, helpful staff.  The modern interior, coupled with a cosy environment with some stunning chandeliers. Who say boutique hotel doesn’t not serve delicious dessert? 

For those who seeking for very sweet dessert, this is highly recommended for you! exquisitely soft, lightly powder-coated sugary marshmallow as topping. The pastry texture is exactly like the egg tart we used to eat. Hmm...it’s too sweet for me! 

I choose chocolate banana. For me, banana and chocolate is the perfect match. What a moreish dessert! This cake is so delicious! It doesn't taste too sweet. It’s recommended for those who prefer less sweet.  Every layer of cake is coated with a moist cream. Once the cream reach your tongue and  it melt and the aroma of the chocolate fills the mouth.

“ We can’t buy happiness BUT we can buy cakes. And that’s kind of the same thing. ”

Address :
M Boutique Hotel
No 2 Hala Datuk 5
Ipoh, Perak
 photo blankRectangle640x386_526F672C_zps61cdb726.png


  1. Thanks for dropping by M Boutique and our Restaurant Partner MYTH Eatery and Bar! Hope that you enjoyed the sMall experience!

  2. 我也好愛吃甜點!!!(by神奇君)


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