20 facts about myself

Wednesday, September 10

While i was listing out the 20 facts about myself. Then i realized i don't really know much about myself. In this post instead of 20, i will list down as many facts as i can, and see how much do i know about myself. 
  • I'm a big fan of Mickey Mouse
  • Believe or not, I had a conversation with huge jelly fish when i was snorkeling at Tioman. WE TALK. The jelly fish asked me swim back to speed boat before it attack another tourist.
  • I'm bad in calculating. Don't ask me calculate, you will vomit blood even it's just 1 or 2 ringgit.
  • I hate Japan. Don't ask me why. I'm going to slap those who force me go Japan.
  • Thanks to Christine for successfully trained me. I can’t sleep in laoya hotel. Pillow is very important. Must have swimming pool. 
  • I wish to become editor since i was studying in form 1 and yeah! I’m now an editor.
  • My “jimui” is a guy and my “heng dai” is a girl. 
  • I love collecting lipstick and lib balm!
  • I love wine but not for beer! I can drink more than you can think. 
  • I hate those who like gamble! Berjudi bukan amalan yang baik! 
  • I cry when i see people riding on elephant. 
  • I personally think i’m a good singer! 
  • I hate wearing bra with lace! So do underwear!
  • I'm crazy, I'm short-plug, that's why sometimes i might over react.
  • I emo when there's no chili or wasabi yang secukupnya. 
  • I will not step out from my house if i didn't spray rexona.
  • I'm good in imitate anyone. 
  • I hate those who can't sit properly when watching movie in cinema, feel like wanna kick the fella.
  • I believe i have Misophonia, i get angry when heard people sneez and cough
  • I can speak sibeh fluent Malay.
  • I love roller coaster, i love six flag roller coaster.
  • Some of my friend call Me 大家姐 since form 4
  • I love Thai language
  • I gt two dimples...unfortunately, semakin hari semakin x nampak, muka tembam sangat
  • I don't want to get pregnant. 
  • For me, ex can never be friend.
  • I afraid of being alone. especially at home.

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