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Thursday, August 21

Recently, I've tried so many make up products. To find something that suitable for my very very dry skin is so difficult. When comes to make up products, I prefer something that is in pocket size and convenient. This time, is "omorose" turn! 

One of the must try product from Omorose - the SUNSCREEN & FOUNDATION STICK. Some people might find this product nothing special. For those who don't know what is this, 
This sunscreen foundation stick is perfect for coverage, touch-up and travel. With an SPF35★★ content, your skin is protected from sun damage and pollutants. This lightweight hydrating formula primes and minimises imperfections, giving your skin a glowing, ethereal look.

There are many ways to use this BB Stick. Straight away apply the product on face. The stick is in cylinder shape. This help the product can reach to some inner part of the face, for example the wing of the nose, the side corner of the lips. 

After that, we can use finger or brushes to blend the foundation. I prefer using finger. It's so easy to blend the products. My face doesn't feel dry at all. With just few minutes, the first and basic layer of makeup is now done! 

MY THOUGHT : I love this foundation stick! It's so convenient where i can bring it out to anywhere. With just one stick, touch up has been so easy for me. No need bring cotton pad, brushes and some of the beauty tools. 

I would say, it has a good coverage. At least, pores are less visible. The texture is smooth and no cakey face. I love the feeling when the product in on my face. The texture is so light. Blend to the left, to the right, up and down. 

BUT, if you looking for something which is good in oil control. This probably not the one you looking for. 

Will i perchanse this product again in future? DEFINITELY. This is the product specially design for my skin!!  XP 


PRODUCT NAME : Omorose Sunscreen Foundation Stick ( BB Stick )

COLOUR TONE : Available in 3 tone ( Light & Fair , Fair & Medium , Medium & Tan )

PRICE :  RM 99.00

WHERE TO BUY : Omorose Website ( CLICK HERE )
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  1. if not for the price i would have bought it XD

  2. very useful content. i really love to read your content daily.
    it very informative and useful....
    thanks for sharing this type of content...


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