[ REVIEW ] Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl #MYVelvetSmooth

Sunday, August 10

Hello! Today is Saturday! Saturday is the most peaceful day for me. What do you do on weekend? Pampering yourself by putting on a mask? Go to salon? Shopping or go out for a movie? I prefer doing something related to beauty! 

Today I’m going to review something related to FEET! Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from SCHOLL! Roll ~Roll ~Roll ~My Feet ~ JENG JENG! This is how it looks like! 

It’s an Electronic foot file that effectively removes hard skin. A professional pedicure set for softer-feeling feet. Contains: 1 x Electronic Foot File, 1 x roller head, 4 x AA batteries, 1 x cover. 


4 AA size batteries are needed to activate this tools.  4 batteries will be in included in the packet. Here are some procedure on how i remove my dry skin on feet effectively. Usually these steps are what i will do before removing any dry skin. I found it tend to remove all the dry skin more easily. I’m not surer if these steps going to work on you, but it did works for me :D

Soak my feet in warm water to soften the hard skin and make removal easier. Make sure you turn to the "I" button to on the tool, "O" to off. 

Gently roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements. Repeat regularly. The electrical device's micro-rollers gently remove areas of hard skin  so thoroughly it leaves your feet beautiful and luxuriously soft.

MY THOUGHT : This black micro-roller have a rough surface, so that it can smoothen our feet. No pain feeling. You can adjust and roll where ever you want. Event a small tiny bump on feet can be flatten out! 

I feel so comfortable by holding it. The design of the product makes me feel so easy to hold it from any angle and use it on any corner on my feet! 

One for RM 129.90, to be honest, it’s quite expensive for some of the consumer. But this thing is really effective and give an instant result, so I’m might buy this again! Besides that, refill for the micro-roller is available. All we need to do is buy the refill!  

I do not have really dry and hard skin on my feet. Not to show off, but ermm....

 BAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! So, i decided to test it on my mum's feet! After using the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Tool, my mum feet are now so smooth. No more hard skin and dry skin :D 
 Its so convenient! No need to pay for pedicure anymore. Now i can have a express pedi or i call it as self-pedi at home while I'm watching TV. Feel so comfortable when the micro-roller roll on my feet. Who say aunty feet looks ugly?

Don't worry! You can always get yourself a replacement for the micro-roller. When you need to replace the roller on your Express Pedi, push the release catch at the head of the device. Remove the old roller. Insert the new roller and ensure it is firmly in place.

PRICE : RM 129.90 ( Include 1 Electronic Foot File, 1 roller head, 4 AA batteries, 1 cover )

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  1. I'm seeing so many bloggers posting good review about this express pedi from scholl.
    Can see the difference on your mum feet leh...
    I also want to try la...


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