[REVIEW] OMOROSE Rosey Glow Cheek Tint

Monday, August 25

Last week i share about omorose sunscreen foundation stick , so today I'm going do a review on another awesome product which is also from omorose - THE ROSEY GLOW CHEEK TINT. 

When  come to cheek tint, people will think about something in liquid form. But for omorose chek tink, they make it in solid form. Cute outlook and packaging that gonna make all the girls crazy! 

Apply on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertips for maximum effect. Use after foundation or apply directly to skin before powder. 

I directly apply on the face. Draw a line on my cheek. No need to press so hard. The colour might look a bit bright on skin. After that, blend it. I use finger to blend it out. But of course you can use brushes. 

I just simply blend it out and now look at my cheek! It's glowing~~~ I personally think that brusher is very important. What do you think about this product? 

  • The outlook of the cheek tint is so cute! I like collecting something cute. So, this definitely going to be in my list! 
  • Next, the texture is soft and moisture. The soft texture make it easy to be apply on skin and of course easy to blend it. 
  • Easy to hold. Apply using any method.
  • I think RM62 is quite reasonable for this product. This product can be can last for a very long time. 


Product Name : Rosey Glow

Price : RM 62.00

Colour : First Love, Pretty Jessica, England Rose, Radiant, Showbiz

Description : This hydrating gel blush tints the cheeks with a lasting, natural glow. Promising easy application, this convenient cheek tint makes for an excellent touch-up tool for a healthy glow throughout the day.

To Buy : Click me 

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