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It’s been a long time i didn’t attend any beauty event. This time, a big thank you to Butterfly Project, for the opportunities to attend a beauty event with 14 butterflies at MUSE by Watson, Sunway Pyramid. The theme of the beauty event : 10-Step Korean Skincare Regimen .

Step into MUSE, how can i control myself for not being excited? Look at those beauty products. Nice environment, many selection of products and most importantly is staff at MUSE is so friendly. 

I did my Personalize skin analysis here. This is not the first time i come across with skin analysis. My actual age is 23, and my skin age is 30. Dayuuum! Surprisingly, my skin are now getting much better! But still, my skin is a bit dry. I get to know more about my skin this time.

What is the best thing when you attend beauty event at MUSE? I get to try the product on the spot! I got too much of blackheads on my nose area. I tried the “Ciracle Blackhead Cotton Mask”. Apply it for 15 minutes, and u know what, blackhead come out without even i squeezing it! Who say no pain no blackhead? I didn’t suffer for any pain to get all the blackheads out from my skin. 

The best part - the makeover! I love what the makeup artist did on my face. Hmm...what do you think? My biggest concern is my eyebrow. I really don’t know how to draw a equal yet beautiful eyebrow. When i draw the eyebrow myself, it look like the wiper of the car. Dayuuum! 

We are all welcomed with delicious, cute and beautiful dessert. Awwww~~ 



Okay! We should get back to the main point! The main purpose of today event is to learn about the 10 Step Korean Skincare Regime. If you're K-POP lover, you should memorize all these steps! Some korean brand products will be introduce for each of the steps. 

STEP 1 : Pre-cleanse / Remove Makeup

The "double cleanse" method has been so popular among the Korean. Wether you makeup or not, we have to remove all the dirt or impurities on our face first. Not much people doing this step, including me. LOl! 

STEP 2 : The Cleanse

Next, Korean woman will clean their face using mild cream or foaming cleanser ( depending on skin type) to remove the excess traces of makeup or dirt. Korean woman will usually massage in circular  motion which help to bring out brighter complexion. 

There are a lot of tools / beauty device available in the market. These tool and devices can help to reach some of the inner corner and deep clean into your pores. 

STEP 3 : The Exfoliator

When come to exfoliate, fuuuuh, i know some people might feel lazy when come to this step. Sometimes, is not that our beauty products not good that it didn't bring any improvement to out skin. But, the dead skin blocking the skin to absorb the products we apply on skin! We should exfoliate our skin at least once a week. 

STEP 4 : The refresher

Go with a toner to balance and restore your skin's PH. Toner also help to tighten up the pores. 

STEP 5: The Essence

The essence is often regarded as the most important step of the Korean skincare regimen. Essence is a nourishing liquid concentrate that enhances the skin's cellular renewal process, leading to an increase in elasticity and firmness, as well as a brighter complexion.

STEP 6 : The Ampoule

The ampoule works wonders like a treatment to combat skin problems such as signs of ageing, pigmentation, excessive of oil production and many more. 

STEP 7 : The Sheet Mask

Use sheet mask twice a week! I love collecting mask! I can't live without mask. Sitting in front of computer for whole day, and that's why we need to pamper our skin with mask. 

STEP 8 : The Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes are very thin and fragile compared to our facial skin. Gently tap your eye cream on the eye area. Avoid rubbing as it will create lines. 

STEP 9 : The Moisturizer

Replenish your skin's hydration and lock it in with a light weight emulsion. Lightly massage the product into skin using the fingertips. 

STEP 10 : The Night Cream 

For final step, apply a night cream to help to lock the goodness of the serums or ampoules while adding moisture and firming effect. Another option is use the sleeping pack which is a jelly-like texture packed with moisture and many nourishing benefits. 

Fuuuuuuh! Is time to sleep now! Good night peeps! Love ya!

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  1. ahhh love their product and I hope muse will open up branch soon!


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