Tuesday, August 26

After reading for so many reviews and doing so much of survey, i decided to bought this! PANASONIC PORE CLEANSER. I bought Pink colour since pink is my favorite colour. I bought this from Court Mammoth, Damansara. Been using this for almost half year. I have to say, this product really really good! 

Panasonic pores cleanser EH2513 , pink colour. Easy to use. Push on to on and downwards to off it. Simple design with great function. If you ask me is this things convenient to bring it to everyewhere or is it user friendly. I would say 50:50. 

You need to find a plug to charge it. If you are the kind what to keep this thing is your washroom. I don't think every washroom gt plug. Battery lover, very sorry , you can't use battery for this device.Water proof. Yet, you're not allow you use it with cleanser / foam on face. This device hate bubbles. 

Fully charge and you can bring it to anywhere you want. To jungle, to dessert, to travel, to school...Just make sure it's FULLY CHARGE. 

What is this hole for? Fill in with water. And the micro-fine mist will be produce and come out through the front whole. This micro-fine mist allows smooth movement of the suction cup that gentle yet effective. 

Some people said it only can use on nose area. I spent almost RM200 takkan only use on nose area. LOL!!! So, i also use it on my cheek area. *Cough* twice a week should be ok ( i think.....)! For those who are sensitive skin, please be careful. Don't overuse it, it hurt your skin. Redness appear on my skin right after i use it for 3 minutes. 

If you ask me, if the power strong or not. Look at my pic, and you judge wether it is strong or not. For me, it's strong enough. At least, i feel the pressure. I just want to remove all the dirt and oil. Not my skin. I still need the skin. 

As you can see, those whiteheads and dirt that been sucked out, are on the tube. You might feel gross looking at those whiteheads, but you just don't understand how happy am i to look at those whiteheads. I only used it only cheek area for 5 minutes.....dayuuum! No wonder i got large pores! 


After using this for few months, this pore cleanser helped me clean out lots and lots and lots of white heads. It did not give 100% clearer skin in one time. BY using it continuously, my skin condition has now become much more clearer and healthier. Another thing, i found it more effective for cheek area than nose...hmmm

Charge one time and it last for many days. For mine, it last minimum 10 days. But of course, i do not use it everyday, i use it every two days. After shower and make sure my pores are open, so that the dirt can be suck out easier. 

I always bring it along with me when i go travel. One of the must have tool i use for my skin. 

Do share with me if you used this too! 
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  1. wow now u make me feel like buying it..ermm is it effective sucking the blackhead on nose too?

    1. blackhead a bit susah... it is more effective for the whiteheads... heheh

  2. i have always wanted to get this thing!


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