Wednesday, August 27

It’s been a long time i didn’t attend any beauty event. This time, a big thank you to Butterfly Project, for the opportunities to attend a beauty event with 14 butterflies at MUSE by Watson, Sunway Pyramid. The theme of the beauty event : 10-Step Korean Skincare Regimen .

Step into MUSE, how can i control myself for not being excited? Look at those beauty products. Nice environment, many selection of products and most importantly is staff at MUSE is so friendly. 

I did my Personalize skin analysis here. This is not the first time i come across with skin analysis. My actual age is 23, and my skin age is 30. Dayuuum! Surprisingly, my skin are now getting much better! But still, my skin is a bit dry. I get to know more about my skin this time.

What is the best thing when you attend beauty event at MUSE? I get to try the product on the spot! I got too much of blackheads on my nose area. I tried the “Ciracle Blackhead Cotton Mask”. Apply it for 15 minutes, and u know what, blackhead come out without even i squeezing it! Who say no pain no blackhead? I didn’t suffer for any pain to get all the blackheads out from my skin. 

The best part - the makeover! I love what the makeup artist did on my face. Hmm...what do you think? My biggest concern is my eyebrow. I really don’t know how to draw a equal yet beautiful eyebrow. When i draw the eyebrow myself, it look like the wiper of the car. Dayuuum! 

We are all welcomed with delicious, cute and beautiful dessert. Awwww~~ 



Okay! We should get back to the main point! The main purpose of today event is to learn about the 10 Step Korean Skincare Regime. If you're K-POP lover, you should memorize all these steps! Some korean brand products will be introduce for each of the steps. 

STEP 1 : Pre-cleanse / Remove Makeup

The "double cleanse" method has been so popular among the Korean. Wether you makeup or not, we have to remove all the dirt or impurities on our face first. Not much people doing this step, including me. LOl! 

STEP 2 : The Cleanse

Next, Korean woman will clean their face using mild cream or foaming cleanser ( depending on skin type) to remove the excess traces of makeup or dirt. Korean woman will usually massage in circular  motion which help to bring out brighter complexion. 

There are a lot of tools / beauty device available in the market. These tool and devices can help to reach some of the inner corner and deep clean into your pores. 

STEP 3 : The Exfoliator

When come to exfoliate, fuuuuh, i know some people might feel lazy when come to this step. Sometimes, is not that our beauty products not good that it didn't bring any improvement to out skin. But, the dead skin blocking the skin to absorb the products we apply on skin! We should exfoliate our skin at least once a week. 

STEP 4 : The refresher

Go with a toner to balance and restore your skin's PH. Toner also help to tighten up the pores. 

STEP 5: The Essence

The essence is often regarded as the most important step of the Korean skincare regimen. Essence is a nourishing liquid concentrate that enhances the skin's cellular renewal process, leading to an increase in elasticity and firmness, as well as a brighter complexion.

STEP 6 : The Ampoule

The ampoule works wonders like a treatment to combat skin problems such as signs of ageing, pigmentation, excessive of oil production and many more. 

STEP 7 : The Sheet Mask

Use sheet mask twice a week! I love collecting mask! I can't live without mask. Sitting in front of computer for whole day, and that's why we need to pamper our skin with mask. 

STEP 8 : The Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes are very thin and fragile compared to our facial skin. Gently tap your eye cream on the eye area. Avoid rubbing as it will create lines. 

STEP 9 : The Moisturizer

Replenish your skin's hydration and lock it in with a light weight emulsion. Lightly massage the product into skin using the fingertips. 

STEP 10 : The Night Cream 

For final step, apply a night cream to help to lock the goodness of the serums or ampoules while adding moisture and firming effect. Another option is use the sleeping pack which is a jelly-like texture packed with moisture and many nourishing benefits. 

Fuuuuuuh! Is time to sleep now! Good night peeps! Love ya!

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Tuesday, August 26

After reading for so many reviews and doing so much of survey, i decided to bought this! PANASONIC PORE CLEANSER. I bought Pink colour since pink is my favorite colour. I bought this from Court Mammoth, Damansara. Been using this for almost half year. I have to say, this product really really good! 

Panasonic pores cleanser EH2513 , pink colour. Easy to use. Push on to on and downwards to off it. Simple design with great function. If you ask me is this things convenient to bring it to everyewhere or is it user friendly. I would say 50:50. 

You need to find a plug to charge it. If you are the kind what to keep this thing is your washroom. I don't think every washroom gt plug. Battery lover, very sorry , you can't use battery for this device.Water proof. Yet, you're not allow you use it with cleanser / foam on face. This device hate bubbles. 

Fully charge and you can bring it to anywhere you want. To jungle, to dessert, to travel, to school...Just make sure it's FULLY CHARGE. 

What is this hole for? Fill in with water. And the micro-fine mist will be produce and come out through the front whole. This micro-fine mist allows smooth movement of the suction cup that gentle yet effective. 

Some people said it only can use on nose area. I spent almost RM200 takkan only use on nose area. LOL!!! So, i also use it on my cheek area. *Cough* twice a week should be ok ( i think.....)! For those who are sensitive skin, please be careful. Don't overuse it, it hurt your skin. Redness appear on my skin right after i use it for 3 minutes. 

If you ask me, if the power strong or not. Look at my pic, and you judge wether it is strong or not. For me, it's strong enough. At least, i feel the pressure. I just want to remove all the dirt and oil. Not my skin. I still need the skin. 

As you can see, those whiteheads and dirt that been sucked out, are on the tube. You might feel gross looking at those whiteheads, but you just don't understand how happy am i to look at those whiteheads. I only used it only cheek area for 5 minutes.....dayuuum! No wonder i got large pores! 


After using this for few months, this pore cleanser helped me clean out lots and lots and lots of white heads. It did not give 100% clearer skin in one time. BY using it continuously, my skin condition has now become much more clearer and healthier. Another thing, i found it more effective for cheek area than nose...hmmm

Charge one time and it last for many days. For mine, it last minimum 10 days. But of course, i do not use it everyday, i use it every two days. After shower and make sure my pores are open, so that the dirt can be suck out easier. 

I always bring it along with me when i go travel. One of the must have tool i use for my skin. 

Do share with me if you used this too! 
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[REVIEW] OMOROSE Rosey Glow Cheek Tint

Monday, August 25

Last week i share about omorose sunscreen foundation stick , so today I'm going do a review on another awesome product which is also from omorose - THE ROSEY GLOW CHEEK TINT. 

When  come to cheek tint, people will think about something in liquid form. But for omorose chek tink, they make it in solid form. Cute outlook and packaging that gonna make all the girls crazy! 

Apply on the apple of the cheeks and blend with fingertips for maximum effect. Use after foundation or apply directly to skin before powder. 

I directly apply on the face. Draw a line on my cheek. No need to press so hard. The colour might look a bit bright on skin. After that, blend it. I use finger to blend it out. But of course you can use brushes. 

I just simply blend it out and now look at my cheek! It's glowing~~~ I personally think that brusher is very important. What do you think about this product? 

  • The outlook of the cheek tint is so cute! I like collecting something cute. So, this definitely going to be in my list! 
  • Next, the texture is soft and moisture. The soft texture make it easy to be apply on skin and of course easy to blend it. 
  • Easy to hold. Apply using any method.
  • I think RM62 is quite reasonable for this product. This product can be can last for a very long time. 


Product Name : Rosey Glow

Price : RM 62.00

Colour : First Love, Pretty Jessica, England Rose, Radiant, Showbiz

Description : This hydrating gel blush tints the cheeks with a lasting, natural glow. Promising easy application, this convenient cheek tint makes for an excellent touch-up tool for a healthy glow throughout the day.

To Buy : Click me 

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【REVIEW】Omorose Sunscreen Foundation Stick

Thursday, August 21

Recently, I've tried so many make up products. To find something that suitable for my very very dry skin is so difficult. When comes to make up products, I prefer something that is in pocket size and convenient. This time, is "omorose" turn! 

One of the must try product from Omorose - the SUNSCREEN & FOUNDATION STICK. Some people might find this product nothing special. For those who don't know what is this, 
This sunscreen foundation stick is perfect for coverage, touch-up and travel. With an SPF35★★ content, your skin is protected from sun damage and pollutants. This lightweight hydrating formula primes and minimises imperfections, giving your skin a glowing, ethereal look.

There are many ways to use this BB Stick. Straight away apply the product on face. The stick is in cylinder shape. This help the product can reach to some inner part of the face, for example the wing of the nose, the side corner of the lips. 

After that, we can use finger or brushes to blend the foundation. I prefer using finger. It's so easy to blend the products. My face doesn't feel dry at all. With just few minutes, the first and basic layer of makeup is now done! 

MY THOUGHT : I love this foundation stick! It's so convenient where i can bring it out to anywhere. With just one stick, touch up has been so easy for me. No need bring cotton pad, brushes and some of the beauty tools. 

I would say, it has a good coverage. At least, pores are less visible. The texture is smooth and no cakey face. I love the feeling when the product in on my face. The texture is so light. Blend to the left, to the right, up and down. 

BUT, if you looking for something which is good in oil control. This probably not the one you looking for. 

Will i perchanse this product again in future? DEFINITELY. This is the product specially design for my skin!!  XP 


PRODUCT NAME : Omorose Sunscreen Foundation Stick ( BB Stick )

COLOUR TONE : Available in 3 tone ( Light & Fair , Fair & Medium , Medium & Tan )

PRICE :  RM 99.00

WHERE TO BUY : Omorose Website ( CLICK HERE )
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[REVIEW] Beauty Foot Mask

Monday, August 18


Few days ago, I shared about SCHOLL VELVET SMOOTH EXPRESS PEDI TOOL.  Today i'm going to introduce you all another products that also can help you to remove the dead skin on your foot! 

The Beauty Foot is a convenient and painless way to remove dead skin from your feet. Infused with organic acids that decomposes old dead skin cells and promotes natural peeling and natural extracts that moisturizes and hydrates your feet.


Open the packet , leave the beauty foot mask on your foot for at least 1.5 hour. I can still walk here and there even with the mask on. 
After 1.5 hours, take off the mask. There are some essence still on my feet. What i did is, i massage my foot until the essence is fully absorb by the foot. 
Wait for few days, and your dead skin will start peel off painlessly. 

This product is so effective! If you wonder what happen after few days,the picture below may be something you want to see. No irritation or itchiness. The price might be a bit expensive for other people. The area where all the dry skin dropped of is now so smooth. No more cracked and thick dry skin on feet!
PRICE : RM 55.90

To know more about this products, log on to  :
HiSHOP WEBSITEhttp://www.hishop.my/
HiSHOP FACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/hishopmy
HiSHOP INSTAGRAMhttp://instagram.com/hishopmy

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[ REVIEW ] Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from Scholl #MYVelvetSmooth

Sunday, August 10

Hello! Today is Saturday! Saturday is the most peaceful day for me. What do you do on weekend? Pampering yourself by putting on a mask? Go to salon? Shopping or go out for a movie? I prefer doing something related to beauty! 

Today I’m going to review something related to FEET! Velvet Smooth Express Pedi from SCHOLL! Roll ~Roll ~Roll ~My Feet ~ JENG JENG! This is how it looks like! 

It’s an Electronic foot file that effectively removes hard skin. A professional pedicure set for softer-feeling feet. Contains: 1 x Electronic Foot File, 1 x roller head, 4 x AA batteries, 1 x cover. 


4 AA size batteries are needed to activate this tools.  4 batteries will be in included in the packet. Here are some procedure on how i remove my dry skin on feet effectively. Usually these steps are what i will do before removing any dry skin. I found it tend to remove all the dry skin more easily. I’m not surer if these steps going to work on you, but it did works for me :D

Soak my feet in warm water to soften the hard skin and make removal easier. Make sure you turn to the "I" button to on the tool, "O" to off. 

Gently roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements. Repeat regularly. The electrical device's micro-rollers gently remove areas of hard skin  so thoroughly it leaves your feet beautiful and luxuriously soft.

MY THOUGHT : This black micro-roller have a rough surface, so that it can smoothen our feet. No pain feeling. You can adjust and roll where ever you want. Event a small tiny bump on feet can be flatten out! 

I feel so comfortable by holding it. The design of the product makes me feel so easy to hold it from any angle and use it on any corner on my feet! 

One for RM 129.90, to be honest, it’s quite expensive for some of the consumer. But this thing is really effective and give an instant result, so I’m might buy this again! Besides that, refill for the micro-roller is available. All we need to do is buy the refill!  

I do not have really dry and hard skin on my feet. Not to show off, but ermm....

 BAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! So, i decided to test it on my mum's feet! After using the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Tool, my mum feet are now so smooth. No more hard skin and dry skin :D 
 Its so convenient! No need to pay for pedicure anymore. Now i can have a express pedi or i call it as self-pedi at home while I'm watching TV. Feel so comfortable when the micro-roller roll on my feet. Who say aunty feet looks ugly?

Don't worry! You can always get yourself a replacement for the micro-roller. When you need to replace the roller on your Express Pedi, push the release catch at the head of the device. Remove the old roller. Insert the new roller and ensure it is firmly in place.

PRICE : RM 129.90 ( Include 1 Electronic Foot File, 1 roller head, 4 AA batteries, 1 cover )

REDEEM BY CLICKING HERE : http://goo.gl/t4VO9d

For more updates, log on to 

SCHOLL MALAYSIA WEBSITE : http://www.scholl.com.my/ 

SCHOLL MALAYSIA FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/SchollMalaysia 

SCHOLL MALAYSIA ONLINE STORE : http://schollonline.com.my/
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