[ REVIEW ] Purevivi Cleaning Lotion

Wednesday, July 16

After wearing make up for so many hours, its time no clean our skin. Let our breath and rest! After wearing make-up for 5 hours, eye liner started to come off! 

Too many types of make-up remover in the market, if you're still looking for the right one for your skin, check this out! Maybe this is what you looking for to add into your wishlist!

Today I'm doing a review on Purevivi Cleansing Lotion. Purevivi is a 4 in 1 cleansing lotion. It remove makeup, cleansing, soothing and moisturizing. With so much function, this cleansing lotion only cost RM 48.90 (500 ml). For me, 500ml is enough for me to use for more than 3 months. LOL. 

This cleansing lotion contained moisturizing natural plant extract. Grapefruits extract, Lemon extract, Jujube extract, Apple extract, Orange extract, Lime extract, Crataegus cuneata extract, Barley extract, Aloe extract. 

What so special about this cleansing lotion? Its non-greasy. Just like water. NO FRAGRANCE , NO COLOURING, NO ALCOHOL, NO CATION, PARABEN FREE! I really love the texture. At least my hands are still feeling so clean even after remove the makeup. 

[ HOW TO USE ]: Drip few drops of cleansing lotion on cotton, then gently wipe on the makeup area. You can re-apply makeup products right after the cleansing lotion dry off! Easy kan kan!

So now, let's see how this products work on my skin! Face makeup by Benefit Cosmetics Flagship Store in Starhill Sephora. 


Eye brow is the easiest part to remove the makeup. Wipe 2-3 times, then eye brow are now clean! 


For eye area, i found it quite hard for it to clean the eye area. Wipe once, eyeliner and eye shadow stick on the eye bag area. Wipe twice, eye bag become grey colour. Skin over eye area become a bit dull. 

Compare both side, with makeup ( left ) , makeup removed using PUREVIVI Cleansing Lotion. For a clearer effect, I wiped many times on the particular area, especially eye. BUT, for 500ml cleansing lotion, and with such a reasonable price, i think its not that bad. This product is suitable for the sensitive skin like me! NO itchiness, no redness. 

My Thought
  • Lower price with large quantity, below RM50
  • One bottle for whole face
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Skin doesn't feel dry after applied
  • No Smell
  • No more oil slid into eyes
  • Not that good cleansing effect, need to wipe few times for cleaner skin


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