L'egere蘭吉兒 Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream

Thursday, July 31

What do you do when your face is super dry, and when you apply foundation on your face it become cakey? 

My skin is very dry. It always get cakey whenever i put on BB Cream / CC Cream / Foundation. I tried many kind of foundation. From the low end to high end products, Its really hard to find something that can smoothen my skin.

Recently, I’ve tried L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream. This is the outlook of the products. The combination of purple and white. Simple but look professional. The word "ULTRA AQUA" catch my attention! 

Product name : L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream 
Country of origin : Korea 
Skin type : Sensitive Skin
Product Specialty :  Moisturizing & Nourishing , Thin & Light , Hydrogel Technology ,                                                Smudge Free Makeup 

In case you not sure what CC Cream is, CC Cream is complete correction cream or color correction cream. CC cream is one of the upgrades of BB Cream which has added benefits such as whitening, moisturizing and anti-allergic. It integrates skin care and skin protection function. 

Squeeze appropriate amount of CC cream of hand. Wipe the cream, and guess what i saw, It’s water drops! Water drops just come out from the cream. The texture of the cream is so smooth, and it’s not sticky at all.

What I think?

I really like the texture of this CC Cream. Its so easy to blend on my dry skin. No more ugly cakey face. It helps to correct my skin tone. I am so impress with the special technology where water drops come out from the cream. For those who like nude makeup like me, you should try this out!

PROs  Easy to blend , Very moisturizing , Very light texture , Nice scent , Sun Protection 

CONs : Not really good coverage , Not really good in oil-control , Not waterproof 
To buy : http://www.hishop.my/l-egere-aqua-soothing-essence-in-cc-cream-35g :p
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