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Wednesday, July 2

Looking for collagen which can work more than just as a beauty products. Collagen has become one of the supplement that every girls consuming nowadays. So, where is your supplement came from? Japan? USA? UK? Why not try something that is make from Malaysia which provide EVEN MORE advantage than others collagen can provide?


Eskayvie Sdn Bhd , led by two young Malay professionals who have the ambition and determination of precision. Eskayvie established with hope and confidence to emerge as a competitive company in the domestic market and globally in the production of health products and beauty. Eskayvie output products are the result of surveys and detailed development with emphasis on the characteristics of innovation, efficiency and high quality. (from Eskayvie website)

Eskayvie have different kind of products. For you and also for your children. I’m glad to have the chance to attend “Eskayvie High Tea with Blogger” session at Pullman Bangsar, to discover 2 of their miracle products called Radianze and i-Qids.

Eskayvie Redianze

It’s an anti-aging solution. Redianze offer advanced cellular nutrition that supplement the body with collagen builders, free radicals quencher, internal photo-protectors and bio-hydrators which are essential for age-defying process. 

Bringing the science of anti-aging to the next level, Redianze’s powerhouse combination of skin-beautifying and health rejuvenating ingredients promise to quench the thirst of aging skin and offer a breakthrough solution to achieve optimal wellbeing, enabling the body to rejuvenate itself and stay free from degenerative diseases as well as other age related condition.

It bring so many benefits...for the inner of your body and of course the outer part of your body. 

• Prevent wrinkles and sagging skin 
• Eliminates freckles, blemished and uneven skin tone 
• Boosts skin’s natural hydration and radiance 
• Promote tissue regeneration to heal injured skin and scars 
• Enhances whitening effect for fairer skin  
• Minimizes appearance of cellulite 
• Maintains strong and beautiful nails that do not cheap easily 
• Improves hair quality, thickness and strengthening its protective sheath 
• Relieves arthritis and joint pains 
• Promotes cardiovascular health 
• Improves muscle performance and recovery 
• Protects brain from stroke, cerebral hemorrhage and dementia 
• Prevents cataract, eye fatigue and eye accommodation loss 
• Boosts immune system and prevents cancer 
• Curbs appetite and aids in weight control 
• Relieves symptoms of mental stress such as chronic fatigue, headache, stiff shoulder and depression 
• Improves alertness and concentration, balances mood and energy, and increases sense of well-being

It is best taken daily preferably one hour before or after meal for maximum absorption. One sachet per day. With 200ml of water. Stir until the powder is melt. We are encourage to use cold water instead of the hot one. 

Look at the colour. It taste like peach. If you’re worry about the texture of the drink, don’t worry. It’s in a very watery form, easy to drink, taste good smell good.

Malaysia (W) Price: MYR 160.00 
Malaysia (E) Price: MYR 176.00

Eskayvie i-Qids

Any children in home? If yes, you probably need this for your children and you as well. Children grow, develop and learn throughout their lives, starting at birth. I-Qids comprises of branded ingredients that provide all the nutrients children need on a daily basis.

It sets a strong early foundation for growth and learning so that your child has the best possible start in life.  I-Qids is a cutting edge formula, combining well researched brain nutrients of Memofortex™ (Phospholipid concentrate) and Omegalinol™ (DHA and Alpha Linoleic Acid) along with the health supporting benefits of Co-isolate, Vitaral™, Colostrum and Algalithe®. I-Qids is a truly revolutionary formula, delivering DHA, ALA and PC in one synergistic drink!

• Helps develop a stronger body defence • Provides a potent array of immune factors • Helps promote growth and development • Helps support nervous system development • Supports memory and alertness • Helps promote brain power and intelligence • Supports school performance and study • Helps to control hyperactivity • Helps to build stronger bone and teeth • Helps promote bowel health by encouraging regular bowel movements • Helps maintain a healthy, functional gastrointestinal tract and gut integrity • Promotes better sleep • Helps promote muscle relaxation• Helps promote healthy joint and improve mobility.

Mix 1 sachet with 150 ml of cold or room temperature water. Take I-Qids before breakfast. For children ages 1 to 12 years old, take 1 sachet daily. For children above 12, take 2 sachets daily.

This product smell like milo. It even stronger than a milo. Children gonna love this drinks. I put the drink in my living room, and the smell was all over my living room. If you close the door, the milo smell gonna stay in your room for a very long time. 

Malaysia (W) Price: MYR 59.00 
Malaysia (E) Price: MYR 64.00

For more information, kindy visit :-

Eskayvie Twitter: https://twitter.com/eskayvieMY

*some of the pictures are taken from The Butterfly Facebook Page
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