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Sunday, July 6

Hello beauties! Now, anyone of you lipstick lover? Recently I'm so crazy in collecting lipstick! I don't know how to put on makeup BUT i do not need any skill in collecting lipstick right?! 

How do you define a GOOD lipstick? Last longer, easy to blend, bright colour, do not contain harmful substance... For me, a good lipstick do not make my lips dry and  last longer on lips! So today, I'm going to do a review on "Bloop Candy (Matte) Duo Lipstick - Sovereign".

Bloop has intelligently come out with a 2 in 1 Lipstick which gonna make you wow! Bloop brings you the Urban Style by launching 5 different colors of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick convenient pack with matte lipstick & lip gloss to complement the City Chic’s fast-paced lifestyle needs.

5 types of bloop Duo Lipstick :-
1) bloop Duo Lipstick - Jetsetter 01 - Natural Brown matte color lipstick + lip gloss 
2) bloop Duo Lipstick - Sovereign 02 - Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss
3) bloop Duo Lipstick - Swanky 03 - Fuschia Pink matte color lipstick + lip gloss
4) bloop Duo Lipstick - New Yorker 04 - Light Mocha matte color lipstick + lip gloss
5) bloop Duo Lipstick - Eco-Chic 05 - Dragon Fruit essence matte lipstick + lip gloss

Inspired by Elegance and Glamour, bloop Duo Lipstick - Sovereign 02 with Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss - completes the sophisticated elegant look. Perfect fit for a Sovereign Chic who likes to attend cocktail parties or any formal events.

What so special about this? Its a 2 in 1 lipstick! Not sure on how to apply this, don't worry as instruction given. No.1 is the Ice Plum matte color lipstick. No.2 is lip gloss.

The shimmery lip gloss. I love this lip gloss. You can use it anytime for any purpose. For day makeup, for movie nigh..... If you hate stickiness, lip gloss might not be suitable for you! BUT, the shimmery effect of this lip gloss do maximize your lips. *Doink Doink* Apply this before kissing your boy Awww!!!! 
My tone of my lips tend to be darker, i don't know why, but its so dark and ugly especially the upper lip. I do not smoke but still its getting darker and darker. Picture above is AFTER APPLY LIP GLOSS. My lips still look a bit dark. Lip gloss got the power to change the way how you look! 

Next, Ice Plum matte color lipstick! Been looking for the matte lipstick for few months! I personally think that lips with matte lipstick on look sexier than those shimmer one :p Push the sticky gently, bam! I Always use lipstick brush when apply lipstick, for a smoother and even texture. And of course for hygiene purpose.


You will never believe how much the lipstick is until you try it yourself. Sexy right! I don't even apply lip balm or any moisturizer of my lips. Hehehe...know you know how smooth the texture is! The colour stay for quite some times on my lips.

When the lip gloss meet the lipstick! Dayuuum!! Its super sexy! This the the best combination ever! It cover my darker lips yet shimmer at the same times. 

  • Good coverage! No more dark lips! 
  • Smooth application! Pictures explain for this! The rich matte texture, try it and you will know how rich the texture is! 
  • Pocket size! Good for vacation. 
  • 2 in 1. Can use in different way! For the day and also night! 
  • Long lasting. I tried and it last for at least 4 6 hours! 
  • No chapped lips! Which means its hydrates and moisturizes at the same time.
SUGGESTION (instead of CONS =D )
  • Attached with a mini lip brush. I hope there's a mini lip brush , for some better lips shape.
  • A hanger. So that i can hang it on my phone or purse when going for night outing.
*sorry for the low quality pictures, its taken using Samsung Tablet (>.<)

You can now get the product from bloop online store @ and first 50 customers with any online purchase will get 1 Lip Gloss (worth RM 28) for FREE! 

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  1. nicely done the review..but i think the gloss colour is not good to wear alone..too sheer thats y your lip look dark after apply because the lip gloss colour is not opaque enough to cover your lip original for the lipstick it look good for night look but it look rather dry on the picture ah...hehhe..

    1. Awww!! Thanky you for your kind feedback!! <3 <3 <3

    2. aHAHAHA. Finally you posted this! Always wanted to see more of your vain pictures on your lips... Anyway, put on more colors on the lips! I like the red one on you <3


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