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Tuesday, July 1


Yes, bacteria everywhere but we can’t see it using our naked eye. So, what you need is anti-bacteria gel. 

Today I’m doing review on Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Set. If you’re looking for anti-bacteria hand gel in cute packaging, you’re on the right site! Today I’m going to do a review on 1 of the anti-bacteria hand gel from Bloop GERM BLASTER series! 

Bloop is launching a new series of Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels and call bloop GERM BLASTER. So, there are 5 type of pleasant scent & power to choose from the GERM BLASTER series. bloop GERM BLASTER is your HEALTH WARRIOR to kill bacteria and blasting 99.9% of Germs! It is essential for all of us to have one in hand as Pocket Monster to keep the germs away & create a hygiene environment!

· DANCING GERM BLASTER possess DANCE power to bash the GERMS.
· LOVING GERM BLASTER possess LOVE power to destroy the GERMS.
· FUZZY GERM BLASTER possess FUZZY power to slash the GERMS.
· TRAVELLER GERM BLASTER possess TRAVEL power to teleport the GERMS.

On my hand, I have the “ PROFESSOR GERM BLASTER”. I wish i got enough knowledge like the professor. LOL. This anti-bacteria hand gel is in palm size. Can carry it to everywhere I go. Cute packaging and character. It helps to attract children attention. Well, i have to say, it did help to encourage children to apply this on their hands. No need to remind them anymore. There will apply it themselves ! 

There are so many type of anti-bacteria hand gel in the market. But there are some smell weird. But this , it smell a little bit sweet. A very light scent that make you feel so refreshing. Not like other which smell like medicine and sting my nose!

Apply the gel on your palm , then rub your hands. Always rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry. It dry very fast! SURPRISE!!!! My hands feel so smooth and .................... Feel so hydrating! Ho ho ho!

Nothing special about this hand sanitizer? How about add on a accessory? Cute hanger available for the all the cute anti-bacteria gel. RM 12.90 for each of the hanger. Collect all 5 GERM BLASTERs in one pack with one adorable hanger F.O.C! Selling Price at RM 24.50 per pack

If you wish to buy this cute anti-bacteria hand gel. Click HERE 

  • Affordable Price (RM4.90) 
  • CUTE ( different characters )
  • Accessories Available ( Hanger )
  • Nice Scent 
  • High Level of Hydration
  • Pocket Size
  • No cons for me :p

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