L'egere蘭吉兒 Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream

Thursday, July 31

What do you do when your face is super dry, and when you apply foundation on your face it become cakey? 

My skin is very dry. It always get cakey whenever i put on BB Cream / CC Cream / Foundation. I tried many kind of foundation. From the low end to high end products, Its really hard to find something that can smoothen my skin.

Recently, I’ve tried L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream. This is the outlook of the products. The combination of purple and white. Simple but look professional. The word "ULTRA AQUA" catch my attention! 

Product name : L'egere Aqua Soothing Essence CC Cream 
Country of origin : Korea 
Skin type : Sensitive Skin
Product Specialty :  Moisturizing & Nourishing , Thin & Light , Hydrogel Technology ,                                                Smudge Free Makeup 

In case you not sure what CC Cream is, CC Cream is complete correction cream or color correction cream. CC cream is one of the upgrades of BB Cream which has added benefits such as whitening, moisturizing and anti-allergic. It integrates skin care and skin protection function. 

Squeeze appropriate amount of CC cream of hand. Wipe the cream, and guess what i saw, It’s water drops! Water drops just come out from the cream. The texture of the cream is so smooth, and it’s not sticky at all.

What I think?

I really like the texture of this CC Cream. Its so easy to blend on my dry skin. No more ugly cakey face. It helps to correct my skin tone. I am so impress with the special technology where water drops come out from the cream. For those who like nude makeup like me, you should try this out!

PROs  Easy to blend , Very moisturizing , Very light texture , Nice scent , Sun Protection 

CONs : Not really good coverage , Not really good in oil-control , Not waterproof 
To buy : http://www.hishop.my/l-egere-aqua-soothing-essence-in-cc-cream-35g :p
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Blog For Charity!

Tuesday, July 22


Amante Nail Spa a superlative spa for women housing popular beauty and wellness needs will be hosting a one-day Amante Charity Fair on 7th September 2014 from 10am to 6pm. 

In conjunction with this fair, customers can purchase the Amante Charity Coupon booklet for RM35. Inside the booklet has 7 X RM5 cash vouchers where you can purchase treatments, activities, food and games at 

Amante Charity Fair and BONUS thank you RM88 Hot Stone Massage treatment!. Proceeds from the Amante Charity Fair will be donated to GOOD SAMARITAN HOME – Home for Children in Malaysia for their education. 

Getting To Know Good Samaritan Home

. They arrived, frightened, frustrated, anxieties written all over their faces, undernourished and neglected. They have been removed from home because of derelict parents, or have suffered the heartbreak of a home shattered by divorce, ran away parent, abandoned, or have tragically lost one or both parents. These are the children who come to Good Samaritan home. It takes time to erase the effects of these tragic experiences. Good care and warm love erase fears and dispels anxieties. Every effort is made to provide a homelike atmosphere.Good Samaritan Home is a non-profit charitable children’s home committed to serve the poor and needy children in our society. Its aim is to provide for the physical, spiritual and educational well-being of the children. The home started operating in January 1999 with just one child and currently has 32 resident children and another 30 children in the Extension Program.

We believe by helping to raise funds for this home would make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school, providing basic education to those who need it most. 

We would like to invite you to come join us on the 7th September, 2014 at Amante Kota Damansara to show your support for these amazing young children and to Good Samaritan Home.

-------------------------------  How Can You Help?  -------------------------------
1. Purchase the Amante Charity Voucher booklet from the nearest Amante outlet. Visit www.amante.my for a list of locations near you.

2. Don’t have time? You can transfer/bank in to Amante Beauty Care Sdn Bhd (MAYBANK ACC NO. 512491131743). Send transfer note/bank-in slip to amantecharity@gmail.com with name, e-mail address & mobile number. You can collect your Amante Charity Coupon Booklet on 7th September, 2014 at Amante Charity Fair.


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[ REVIEW ] Purevivi Cleaning Lotion

Wednesday, July 16

After wearing make up for so many hours, its time no clean our skin. Let our breath and rest! After wearing make-up for 5 hours, eye liner started to come off! 

Too many types of make-up remover in the market, if you're still looking for the right one for your skin, check this out! Maybe this is what you looking for to add into your wishlist!

Today I'm doing a review on Purevivi Cleansing Lotion. Purevivi is a 4 in 1 cleansing lotion. It remove makeup, cleansing, soothing and moisturizing. With so much function, this cleansing lotion only cost RM 48.90 (500 ml). For me, 500ml is enough for me to use for more than 3 months. LOL. 

This cleansing lotion contained moisturizing natural plant extract. Grapefruits extract, Lemon extract, Jujube extract, Apple extract, Orange extract, Lime extract, Crataegus cuneata extract, Barley extract, Aloe extract. 

What so special about this cleansing lotion? Its non-greasy. Just like water. NO FRAGRANCE , NO COLOURING, NO ALCOHOL, NO CATION, PARABEN FREE! I really love the texture. At least my hands are still feeling so clean even after remove the makeup. 

[ HOW TO USE ]: Drip few drops of cleansing lotion on cotton, then gently wipe on the makeup area. You can re-apply makeup products right after the cleansing lotion dry off! Easy kan kan!

So now, let's see how this products work on my skin! Face makeup by Benefit Cosmetics Flagship Store in Starhill Sephora. 


Eye brow is the easiest part to remove the makeup. Wipe 2-3 times, then eye brow are now clean! 


For eye area, i found it quite hard for it to clean the eye area. Wipe once, eyeliner and eye shadow stick on the eye bag area. Wipe twice, eye bag become grey colour. Skin over eye area become a bit dull. 

Compare both side, with makeup ( left ) , makeup removed using PUREVIVI Cleansing Lotion. For a clearer effect, I wiped many times on the particular area, especially eye. BUT, for 500ml cleansing lotion, and with such a reasonable price, i think its not that bad. This product is suitable for the sensitive skin like me! NO itchiness, no redness. 

My Thought
  • Lower price with large quantity, below RM50
  • One bottle for whole face
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Skin doesn't feel dry after applied
  • No Smell
  • No more oil slid into eyes
  • Not that good cleansing effect, need to wipe few times for cleaner skin


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Philips Blogger Ultimate Cook-Off!

Wednesday, July 9

Hooray! What a happy day! Nothing is happier than you win something that is out of your expectation!I am so honor to be a part of Philip’s and join their event with another 8 awesome bloggers! 9 Facebook Fans has been chosen during “Lose The Oil, Not The Taste” online recipe contest. These 9 contestant are then will be compete in the 2nd round —— The Ultimate Cook-Off Contest!

Our speaker of the day : Mr Shahzeeq! A handsome + muscular man 

Each of the contestant will be pair with one blogger! Guess what! I’m in team no.5 and I’m pairing with...............JENG JENG JENG!!! Both of use will be cooking and shopping in a team for the whole competition! 

This time, we going to compete at Aeon Big Subang Jaya! Which part of Aeon Big? Look at the picture then you know. The place where people use to be walking around with their trolleys. WHICH MEANS, people going to see it live on how we cook!

Before the contest start, let’s me introduce you who are the special MC / judges for today! They’re Chef Zam and Chef Marina! Both of them are so lovely and funny. 

Learning time!Chef Zam is doing a demonstration on how to cook delicious dishes by using PHILIPS Air Fryer.  With expert techniques, Chef Zam showed how to wrap the chicken wings with pandan leaves. Add in with all the spices...nom nom! What a flavorsome food!

In a short period of time. Chef Zam has shared 2 EASY BUT DELICIOUS dishes! Hey! Do you even know that you can put in the whole apple in PHILIPS Air Fryer and make a very special apple pie? Chef Zam did that!

Each team will be given a RM50 give card to buy all the ingredients we need. The best part is, we only have 30 minutes shopping time to seek for what we want and what we need!RM50 gift card and we used RM48++. Clap for us please!!! 

Every team has different main ingredient! While my team got ‘SALMON’ ! I do not eat fish. This main ingredient almost make me faint! BUT, i’m lucky enough to have this wonderful + incredible + powerful + smart woman in a same time! Thank god! 

Race start!!!

Thank you to PHILIPS helpers who being so kind help us to set up all the equipments! 

Want to know who are the others blogger who joined in PHILIPS ULTIMATE COOK-OFF?! Here you go! We are glad to be here and HAPPY BERKAWAN! hahahah! Hello Kepong Kaki!!

All of the contestant are so good in cooking! The way they hold the knife, the way they cook... I should start learning on how to cook! LOL. Below are the 10 dishes that cook by each of the team!  



cooked by contestant from DELHI


Hati saya berdebar-debar when they announce for the winner! You know what.. My team win! 3rd place man! Thank you so much for my partner! I don’t even know how to cook thank you so much for being so nice and banyak bersabar! I learn how to cut!! Without you, i can’t make it! Both of us bring back a Air Fryer! 

Thank you Philip’s for giving me such a wonderful memory. You make my 2014 become more meaningful!Definitely looking forward for the next time! Appreciate for what i received. Thanks PHILIPS Thanks everyone of you! 

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