The Butterfly Project Anniversary Part @ Laser Warzone

Monday, June 9

I don’t know how many times I’ve been joining The Butterfly Project. The 1 thing I want to tell The Butterfly Project is THANK YOU. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the never leave me behind! Without Butterfly Project, I wouldn’t be so successful today. I found my dream, my passion all from you. Happy Anniversary to The Butterfly Project. This time, what Butterfly Project planned? Yes. The Laser game! 

Again, I never play laser game before. I feel so excited and guess what I'm the 1st who reach there! Yohooo ❤

We visited Lazer Warzone, E-curve. It divided into 3 parts. The counter located at front, resting room at middle , and the gaming part at behind. Never play before and don’t know how it works? Don’t worry, lazer warzone has friendly staffs ready to assist you!

All prices shows on a TV screen. You can put your back in the locker which located beside the counter.

1st impression : The place is so small. Must be easy to K.O all the girls. 
I am so confident until i step into the war zone. The space is larger than you can think. It can fit 40 people and even more! Do not wear white colour shirt! White colour turn into blue and it make you become so eye-catching! LOL.

Next, there do have a empty space which is specially for events and parties! While you friends are fighting inside the warzone, you can see how funny they react through the TV screen. Some are running, some are just hike themselves behind the objects without moving around...

Look at these weapon and vest. It’s so heavy! No matter how heavy the weapon is, it will never stop you from keep running and K.O those girls. The weapon are available in 2 colours. Green and blue!

Here’s my teammates! We are huntress and We won the 3rd place!! Congratz girls!! Each of us received a medal and vouchers. Think back...hmm...when is the last time i received any medal...FORM 6! Hell yeah, 4 years back. Time just passes so fast!

I’m really having so much fun with all the girls! We laugh, we run, and for the very 1st time i feel myself, the embodiment of Jessie Duff, The National Champion Shooter! Pang! Pang! Pang!

For more information, log on to
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