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Thursday, June 26

Hello Ladies!! Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is Nails Day! When is the last time you bring your nails for makeover. Look at these nail art....i wish i can have something like that on my nails too! 

Hmmm... I love my nails in colours. Never leave your nails empty or dull. I love my fingers even they look short and fat. You can never imagine how small my palm is.....the best thing is, i found someone who like my small palm. Wee! 

Step into BeeQnails, BeeQnails staffs are super duper friendly. This is why i feel so comfortable spending 3 hours there. They talk to me, make me feel so warm. It’s like spending a night chit chat with friends. Lie down on the cozy chair. Watching TV while your nails is enjoying the makeover. Some of you might think this “Pedi Area”is quite small. Well, for me quality always come first than quantity. It depends on what you want, for me, friendly and happy environment is very important.

First, soak my leg in warm water. Wash off all the dirt! Before i forget, the girl who doing my pedi and medi is Christy! Jang Jang....She’s Bosco Fan! If you’re Bosco fan too, call and make a appointment with her! 

The scariest part! Christy is cleaning all my dead skin on my feet! My feet is toooooooo sensitive for people to touch. I laugh when people touch my feet. LOL! Thank God, i didn’t kick her that day. know what, i do not have much dead skin on my feet. Bahahhaha! If you do, you probably should start applying lotion on your feet now!

Christy used OPI MANICURE PEDICURE CHAMOMILE MINT SCRUB to scrub my leg. This scrub is different with other scrub we used. This scrub doesn’t feel the rough grinding feeling. It smooth, it smell so nice.

Next is OPI MANICURE PEDICURE CHAMOMILE MINT MASK. After the scrub, i can feel the instant result, My leg is SUPER SMOOTH. She applied the mask to hydrate my skin.

Now look! My feet is so clean, it even brighter! The inner corner of the nails...dead skin! All GONE!  LOl. This is the reason why we need to pamper our skin. Sayang~ Sayang~

There are many colours for you to choose. Take your time. If you don’t know or not sure on which to choose, Christy is always by your side to give you advise!

I really don’t know which colour to choose. So , i decided to choose the colour which i never try before. The glittery blue. Since it’s matte surface so no top coat needed.

Here come to the mani part! My fingers are short and fat. I do not have those long and sexy finger like others girls have. So, design is the only thing which can help my finger look nicer. At least, not like baby carrot (=.=).

For hand , I choose O.P.I gel type nail lacquer. This is the first time i put white color on my nails. I think not that bad right?  I have to say, THEY ARE SO SMART! I am so impress with how they design and their skill! All are so professional!

Once again, thank you BeeQnails. You guys are awesome! I’m definitely going back after 3 weeks!!! Wait me!!!

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  1. wow! nicely done! but will there easily comes off? :)

    1. Hallo Nick!!!

      It wont comes off easily....they put many layers of glue...hahahaha

      Got gf?? Can bring her go try eh...hahahana 😆

  2. zomg!!! your nails turn out super nice!! Looks so elegant and classy! Love the glittery blue as well!


    1. Awwww...thank you thank you!!!
      So next time i can try others type of blue ady :p


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