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Saturday, May 31

Why do you need 24 hour no-shine fresh hydration? 


When the hair meet the oily probably don’t want to look like what you saw in the picture above! I hate when my face is oily and stick. I feel so uncomfortable. When the face is oily and it shine like a diamond, it always give bad first expression for people. No one like too much shine that gonna make you look dirty!


Excessive of oil lead the formation of acne. I got too much acne and i don’t think i need it MORE. Excessive of oil might clog your pore! I need something refreshing and light for my skin! Kiehl’s , the one i’m eye-ing on! Our face contact to dusts and bacteria everyday. Make sure we choose the best product for the best result not the worst! 


Yes. I need hydration! If your face always look cakey especially when you put on make up! You need hydration! My face never look smooth whenever i apply makeup. Is time for some hydration. I need smooth skin. I want to be beautiful. I want to make my man proud when he touch my face! 

What do I love about Kiehl’s?


Kiehls has wide range of products. From skin care → body → hair! From 1 place we can get whatever we need! Save energy! 


Kiehl’s website is user friendly! Looking for products but don’t know where to look from and how to start? How about choose from what you’re concern! For me, i will look for “ACNE”. No need to waste time for those products which are not suitable for me. End up which buying the wrong products! 

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[REVIEW] ETUDE HOUSE - Help My Finger Essence Spa

Monday, May 19

I like everything related to nail. Nail polish, nail files, nail pens, nail stickers and bla bla bla ... I do no have long and sexy finger like what other ladies have, so i always make sure that  my finger looks good! Recently, Etude House having buy 1 free 1 sales, so i bought this "ETUDE HOUSE HELP MY FINGER ESSENCE SPA".

Essence are filled in a cylinder tube. No fancy packaging, no cute design. It's light. You can put it in your bag and bring it to everywhere. Take out and apply on your nail anytime. I use to bring it to my office everyday, apply on the skin around my nail whenever it started to feeling dry and cracked. No English version description attached, i can't understand what written. 

The brush is so soft. It's easy to apply on the skin even in the inner corner of the nail. 

To squeeze the essence out, turn the bottom of the tube to right. Don't squeeze too much of essence, one big drop of essence is enough for two fingers. I found that the bottom part is easy spoil, don't spin it too hard. I bought 2 but 1 of it spoiled. 

The light mint scented essence is so refreshing. Some people might think that it’s uncomfortable to apply oily essence on the finger. I personally think that it is much more effectively than those nail care product which is in cream form. At least the hydrating level is higher J

Apply before you go to bed and leave it on for whole night , while you’re watching TV, reading books …. You don’t want your partner to feel your dry and cracked finger, do you?

If you used this product before or you’re using it now. Leave comment below and share your experience with me. 

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Wednesday, May 14

If you love listen or watch advertisement, then i beg you realize there's a new body care product appear in the market recently. A body cream for your STRETCH MARK.
Stretch marks appear on various parts of your skin, primarily around the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms and lower back. Stretch marks are often the product of stretching or tearing of the dermis, which is one of the layers of skin on a person's body.
Stretch mark can be divided into few stages.  They will first be red and purple in appearance. Then, they will turn into a slightly off-colored which is similar to your skin tone, but still noticeable upon closer inspection.
How stretch mark form? There are several of reason which causes stretch mark form :-
a.) Weight gain
b.) Growth spurts
c.) Weight lifting
d.) Pregnancy
e.) Hormones
For me, I've been surfer for stretch mark since I was in standard 4. Because of the rapid weight gain! Stretch mark appear on my stomach for 13 years, I am scared of showing my body to other people. Even body is covered, but still never feel confident as other woman.

If you think that stretch mark will gone by just slimming down. NOPE! You’re wrong. I slimed down 15kg but the ugly stretch marks are still there. Most of them are still in red and purple colour which means there are still "fresh". There is still possibility to brighten them up!

I know there are a lot of  product in market which claimed that they can help to prevent and clear those stretch mark. But with the high price! So recently, I found a cream for stretch mark with affordable price!  No fancy packaging.........

As mentioned above, i apply 2 times or more in a day. Just wish to get rid of stretch mark faster. The cream is in white colour. The moment i apply on my skin, i can feel the instant moisturize result. BUT NOT OILY. It absorb by the skin easily.

Arghhhhh....god bless me! I want clear and smooth skin!!!!!!!!

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