My 1st Visit To Dr.Ting Skin Specialist CLlinic.

Monday, April 14

From the day I born until I was 19 , the number of acne on my skin can be count by using my finger…LOL  (十个手指就数得完). Except some freckles which i already have since i was 3. I skin is fairer and smoother :(

Small tiny bumps in all over my face one day.  I got no idea what is that and what cause it to grow on my face. So, I consider it  - skin sensitive. I continue with my skin care routine and choose to ignore those tiny bumps on my skin.

The bumps appeared on my skin for few months. Tada!!! No more bumps on my skin and now guess what, MY SKIN IS FULL OF ACNE NOW! i try a lot of products, but no one can help to cure my acne. I even use those “tested by dermatologist” products, green tea products, tons of branded products……………………………my skin just get even worst! What ever products on the market, I tested almost 70% of them.

I don’t know what happened on my skin. I google everyday. I hope I can find someone who have the same problem like me. Maybe he/she used any self-remedy that help them to clean the acne on their skin. It might works on my skin as well.

I never go for facial. I look into mirror and saw my face getting worst and I look so ugly, so I went for facial treatment。 Well, The day after facial my skin is so smooth especially after the extraction. At least my black head and white head are being extracted. Everything just get back in few day L .  

 It’s been 4 years and I now still having acne on my face. Acne only appears on my cheek. Damn! I’m so sad. As a blogger, acne skin really make me feel so down and I lost confidence especially when I need to attend event. I do not wear any makeup. I wish I know how to apply make up and cover all the scars and acne.

One day, I found out there was a famous dermatologist in KL. Tunggu apa lagi? I called and make appointment. This is the first time I go for dermatologist.  Step into the clinic, you can see a lot of patients waiting for their turns. I feel a little bit relieved when I saw many people waiting for their turn.  (many patients  = good doctor =  good result). Well, this is my own opinion. LOL

Wait for 30 minutes, and now is my turn. Talk to a friendly doctor, he draw on a pieces of paper. Do some remarks which I can’t understand at all. The whole consultation including medicine cost me RM 190. ( 1 month supply of pills, cleanser, toner, acne gel and hydration cream). I would say, the price is acceptable. I don't think you can find any dermatologist with such price. 

This is how my face condition is. Let’s see what going to happen after 1 months. God Bless Me! Bye Bye!!  

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  1. Hell yeah lol. Dr. Ting is the best skin care specialist for me LOL. I used to visit him, until I'm broke ._.

    1. really?!! BUt your skin so smooth wor...hahhaa!!

  2. Can't wait for your review! I've been to three different dermatologist clinics & hospital all from affordable to expensive but I'm still not satisfied. My acne now can count only that's great but the scars I cannot stand. Hope this doctor works great for you!

    1. hey!! Thanks for reading dear <3
      I also can't wait for the coming month. Hops my skin will get better and so to you!!
      Keep fighting for a clearer skin :D

  3. Dr Ting is fantastic but the all day wait just kills me. Great results from this clinic though! I'm planning another visit back but I need to save some money first - dermatology appointments are not cheap.

  4. Hi there . So far how was ur skin ? Is it getting better ? I'm going to pay a visit to Dr ting skin specialist this Saturday . Just wanna to know did you recover after this few month ? Some say that pills have several side effects . If stopped the med after 2 month without his advise the pimples will break out much more serious ? Is it real ? Kinda worried and confused .

    1. Hello Pandie!

      To be honest, i only visit Dr.Ting for once. Which is 3 months ago.

      My skin is super duper dry until can see some cracked lines.

      1st month, i eat the pills, use the doctor’s cleanser, and toner. Good things happened! No more acne and many scars fade and become less noticeable. ( you can check my skin condition on the latest blog post )

      2nd until present, i continue back with my own cleanser, and toner. My skin doesn’t getting serious :D My skin are now superb smooth! For the pills side effects, hmmm...i didn’t get any side effects. I believe not all will get the side effect. The doctor are friendly you can ask them for more info :)

      I understand how you feel. As i come across that too. Hope your skin getting better and fight with acne till the end! Don’t give up, looking forward for your good news ya :)

    2. Can i know what is the effect by taking those medicine? Will it effect my future? Example : cannot give birth .

  5. Hi Trislynn..

    I just wanna ask if u dont much it cost for ur 1st & 2nd meeting with the doctor??

    I'm going to make an appointment with Dr Ting and just want to prepare enough money as I just a student.

    Hope u can share with me and gald to hear from u soon..

    thank you.

    1. hello!Sorry for my late reply!

      my first visit cost me rm190 (without injection), but so far from what i need even with injection, 250 shud be enough.

      I didn't not visit Dr.Ting for 2nd time, as my skin are back to normal right after the first treatment :D

      Thanks for reading and do share with me how's your skin condition going. Would love to hear from you.

      Good luck and fight for your skin! :D

  6. Hi.i'm Balqis,can you share or provide me any info how to contact or address of this Dr.Ting clinic,i think to go there too.Thank you


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