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Wednesday, April 30

Want to win a free stay at your dream Villa? Here's your chance! Click HERE !!

By just few simple step, you might win any one the villa listed below! I hope i got the chance to stay in the villa which located in Penang. LOL
What you got to do : Post at least 1 recommendation for  "Outdoor & Attraction" categories + 1 recommendation for any categories! 10 expert recommendation with the most beautiful photo will win the getaway treats! Not 1 but 10 getaway treats will be given out! *finger cross* choose me please! 
Make sure you have a Seeties account. Tak ada? You should register now or else, you just miss the getaway treats! 
Selection Criteria of Winners
 10 expert’s recommendation with most beautiful photos to win the getaway treats! 1 special lucky draw getaway for those who participate in the Getaway Campaign!

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Good luck guys!!! 
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Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N returns for the 9th time

Tuesday, April 29

Good day everyone J Sudah makan kew belum? What’s your relaxing habit after your meal? Some people use to drink  a cup of coffee , espresso , Chinese Tea … What about The Tarik?

F&N Dairies Malaysia, the No.1 Condensed Milk Company in Malaysia introduce you the new way to make delicious The Tarik F&N Kahwin, which combines F&N Sweetened Creamer and F&N Evaporated Creamer to create a less sweet option without compromising on the creamy, delicious taste everyone loves.


Teh Tarik is truly a Malaysian favourite. The delicious hand-pulled tea is enhanced with the usage of F&N’s range of Condensed Milk products.

F&N is on the lookout for the next F&N Raja Tarik via its Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014. With up to RM25,000 in total prize money to be won. The roadshow will hit various regions with auditions in Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching in the weeks ahead to uncover new tarik-ing talent amongst Malaysians.

One of the participants showcasing their tarik-ing skills at the Klang Valley auditions of Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014.

The Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N seeks to showcase a combination of Malaysia’s love of teh tarik with the art of tarik’ing, which has since become a Malaysian cultural heritage.

Farah Fauzana, Malaysian radio announcer, TV host and TV producer and Norazlin bin Janus, past champion of Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2003/2006 

Past participants and winners of the Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N agree that the competition has not only helped elevate the status teh tarik in Malaysia; it has helped Malaysians develop greater appreciation for the perfect glass of teh tarik made with the right ingredients, namely F&N Sweetened Creamer.

Farah Fauzana (Middle), Malaysian radio announcer, TV host and TV producer together with participants of the Klang Valley Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014 auditions.

Participants and the public were in for a pleasant surprise when Malaysian radio announcer, TV host and TV producer, Farah Fauzana made an appearance at the event. Farah together with Fizo Omar, actor, model and tv host will host the Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014 TV program which features footages of the tarik’ing actions by participants, in addition, featuring local signature dishes and new recipes. The program will run on TV3 and TV9 from 21 May – 12 Jun.

Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N has been a regular feature in Malaysia for over 10 years and it has helped reinforce the bonding and special moments shared by Malaysians over a glass of F&N teh tarik. These treasured taste moments with friends and family is goes to the heart of the F&N brand and what we hope for our consumers,” said Tan Hock Beng, Managing Director of F&N Dairies Malaysia.

The auditions for Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014 run from 26 April to 25 May 2014 with the finalists scheduled to take the stage on 12 June 2014. If you think you have what it takes to become the next Raja Tarik F&N, join in the auditions at any of the locations above.


Mydin USJ, Selangor
26 April 2014

Giant Hypermarket, Bayan Baru, Penang
4 May 2014

Giant Tampoi, Johor Bahru
10 May 2014

Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan
17 May 2014

1Borneo Megamall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
23 May 2014

Plaza Merdeka, Kuching, Sarawak
25 May 2014

The auditions for Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014 run from 26 April to 25 May 2014 with the finalists scheduled to take the stage on 12 June 2014. If you think you have what it takes to become the next Raja Tarik F&N, join in the auditions at any of the locations above.

For more details, call 018-2057114 or visit

What's going on at out first station? Here are some sneak peak for you!  What are you still waiting for? Is time to prepare all the materials and ingredient needed! Start practicing on skill and poses! Who knows you might be the winner! Wehehee...Tarik~jangan tak tarik tau! I just made mine. Check out my video on how i bancuh my very own Teh Tarik Khawin!  

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My 1st Visit To Dr.Ting Skin Specialist CLlinic.

Monday, April 14

From the day I born until I was 19 , the number of acne on my skin can be count by using my finger…LOL  (十个手指就数得完). Except some freckles which i already have since i was 3. I skin is fairer and smoother :(

Small tiny bumps in all over my face one day.  I got no idea what is that and what cause it to grow on my face. So, I consider it  - skin sensitive. I continue with my skin care routine and choose to ignore those tiny bumps on my skin.

The bumps appeared on my skin for few months. Tada!!! No more bumps on my skin and now guess what, MY SKIN IS FULL OF ACNE NOW! i try a lot of products, but no one can help to cure my acne. I even use those “tested by dermatologist” products, green tea products, tons of branded products……………………………my skin just get even worst! What ever products on the market, I tested almost 70% of them.

I don’t know what happened on my skin. I google everyday. I hope I can find someone who have the same problem like me. Maybe he/she used any self-remedy that help them to clean the acne on their skin. It might works on my skin as well.

I never go for facial. I look into mirror and saw my face getting worst and I look so ugly, so I went for facial treatment。 Well, The day after facial my skin is so smooth especially after the extraction. At least my black head and white head are being extracted. Everything just get back in few day L .  

 It’s been 4 years and I now still having acne on my face. Acne only appears on my cheek. Damn! I’m so sad. As a blogger, acne skin really make me feel so down and I lost confidence especially when I need to attend event. I do not wear any makeup. I wish I know how to apply make up and cover all the scars and acne.

One day, I found out there was a famous dermatologist in KL. Tunggu apa lagi? I called and make appointment. This is the first time I go for dermatologist.  Step into the clinic, you can see a lot of patients waiting for their turns. I feel a little bit relieved when I saw many people waiting for their turn.  (many patients  = good doctor =  good result). Well, this is my own opinion. LOL

Wait for 30 minutes, and now is my turn. Talk to a friendly doctor, he draw on a pieces of paper. Do some remarks which I can’t understand at all. The whole consultation including medicine cost me RM 190. ( 1 month supply of pills, cleanser, toner, acne gel and hydration cream). I would say, the price is acceptable. I don't think you can find any dermatologist with such price. 

This is how my face condition is. Let’s see what going to happen after 1 months. God Bless Me! Bye Bye!!  

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