Superheroes in Jonker Street! 马六甲的超级英雄

Monday, March 10

I went to Jonker Street, Malacca few weeks ago after dinner to settling the food down and to reduce reflux. So, when i was walking along the street, something just catch my attention...SUPERHEROES!!!! I'm not  really a super fan of Superheroes BUT when i see something that i never see before...I'll get crazy! I saw this "SUPERHEROES COOLSTUFF"! The shop sign is kinda obvious especially at night. LED light make the shop become so outstanding...

Step in to the shop, the wall is decorated by superheroes comics. All in black and white. Hulk Hulk!!!

There are a lot of drawing of superheroes! Every pieces are LIMITED EDITION. Buy one and put it in your room. This is one of my favorite drawing! dream man wey! Thor!!!! 

Merchandise products can be found here. From head to ......... half body! I do not wear belt but i found that their black leather belts are so nice. It's quite big. I think people with fat tummy can't really wear it as the logo will make us feel uncomfortable!! Never wear this for dinner!

Rm168 each. 3 types of superheroes logo : Superman...Captain America...and Iron man!! I like the one with Captain America round buklet. Feel like want to collect all the belt...

The fun part (for me). Even i didn't try and shirt .... but still, standing inside the fitting room make me feel like i'm one of the member of superheroes! Hahahahaha....Hiah Hiah Hiah!! 

2nd Floor

On 2nd floor, there's where those 3D superheroes "live". Not really much 3D art over here since the shop area is so small. Step into 2nd floor, can see those superheroes enjoy eating malacca famous food. Cendol...asam laksa...chicken rice ball... ... 

Below are 3 of the superheroes , from the wall painting above.

Not much of wall art can be see in here. But at least every part of the wall are paited with superheroes. 3D art all over the wall. From the east to the west! so so so cute ♡ These supeheroes are so cute!!! Me hulk hulk....oh....*shy shy*

Wolverine!!!! Shring Shring Shring... ... This thing is so sharp! 

The trishaw is real. You can sit on the trishaw and take photo with my husband. I allow you to take photo with my husband. The hulk teeth so white. LOL

BUT don't make my hulk hulk angry. Don't touch my husband chest. He get angry easily. 

Oh Spiderman ... kiss me ♡♡♡

I always wonder how tall those superheroes are. Now i know. Wolverine so short. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Now, this ironman is all the way from oversea (i forgot where it from, but it's from somewhere very very very far). 

The best wall art of the day! At first i thought this is a toilet.  When i open the door...see! My husband is there! It looks so real.

They are so talented. Pay a visit when you're in Malacca. And of course we need to pay for the Entrance Fees. Free Entrance with any purchase! :D 

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