Muji (無印良品) Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Monday, March 17

Muji (無印良品) is my favorite brand of the month. I love to spend my day Muji. They have wide range of products including skin care and make up. I decided to give a try on their sensitive skin range skin care. 

So, i bought Muji Skincare products which is suitable for those who are having sensitive skin. It's in travel size. They do have full size products, but i prefer of buying new products in travel size. Always test before start investing in the products :D

Alright! Let's get started. This is the face soap. This face soap rich in bubbles.  I am so surprise after using this product. I do not feel any dryness on my skin. I tight feeling. I "wow-ed" as my skin feel so hydrated after using this. Do not have any strong scent like other brands. Thumbs Up!! This is only the first step. I did not apply any moisturizer yet! First, i damped my face with hot water ( to open my pores), wash my face with just a small amount of soap, lastly raise my face with cold water to close the pores.  

Second, The light toning water. A toning water for sensitive skin and moisture your skin at the same time! The texture is very light. What i like about this toning water is that i do not feel any tackiness. I hate using product which make me feel so sticky especially on my hand. Gosh! Feel so uncomfortable. If you hate tackiness like me...this probably is the one you're looking for! 

Third part. The All in One Essence! I applied this on my skin, non-greasy, non-oily, non-tackiness! It moisturize my skin, my skin feel so smooth after applying this. It get absorbed by the skin easily! Perfect application for skin before makeup! 

Muji's skin care products are quite affordable. If you compare with other brands, you will definitely find something which is expensive then these! Next, they use simple packaging which make me feel even more confident to their products. If you're looking for some cute packaging products. 

See you guys in my next post :)

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