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Thursday, March 27

Hello! Today is Wednesday. 2 more days to go and weekend is waiting for us! So, today i'm going to blog about Military Tag. Yes, the Malaysia Military Tag. I am going to do a review on Military tag which ordered from Thank you Malaysia Military Tag for the products.
Before i start with my review. Let me introduce you the Malaysia Military Tag background. So,  Malaysia Military Tag company was founded in year 2011 and based in Malacca. They are specialized in supplying personalized military dog tags (As known as ID tags, Army tags or Military tags), Military watches, and paracord watches. Their main target is to make everyone look's as cool as possible by wearing our quality military fashion products. WELL, I HAVE TO SAY I DID LOOK COOL WITH THE TAG ON ME. 

Log on to Malaysia Military Tag Website and you will see a lot of products are being displayed. So, this is what i ordered - The Standard Silver Double Military Tag. You can click ( HERE ) for more information.  RM 40 for two military tag .... YOU SHOULD BUY IT !    

Look how beautiful these military tag are! They look exactly like what i saw on the website. Why we call it personalized standard military tag? Yes, you can customize the tag message. Got no idea on what message to put on the tag? Check out the sample at the bottom of the webpage! You can personalize your dog tags with up to 5 lines of text and up to 14 characters per line.

Military tag can be use on luggage bag, school bag, or you may use it as a key chain, necklace as well. Got no idea how to make your another half  happy. Why not buy this and make it as a gift for your partner. Military tag has become one of the must have item for couple. time for you to buy one if you still do not have any military tag yet :)

I add on with a military metal box (RM 8) . I’m so sad when I receive this. The box isn't hard enough . The surfmetal box become uneven. I try to cover up the metal box cover, but it keep drop out. It’s loose. I guess the metal box got some accident when it’s on the way to my house! I hope Malaysia Military Tag can change the way they package the product. Use a proper package or pack the product with extra layer ( thick paper / newspaper / bubble wrap ) instead of just put it in the envelope with any extra protection.

Everything packed in a plastic bag before put it into the metal box. This package include 2 personalized standard military tag, 2 black rubber silencers, 27" Spec Stainless Steel Chain ( 1 pc ), 5.5" Spec Stainless Steel Chain ( 1 pc ).  

Rubber Silencers

The rubber silencers provide a comfortable experience and eliminate any noise from the clapping of the dog tags.

Stainless Steel Chain

The chain is also made from stainless steel that resists wear, tear and does not rust with sweat when worn.
PERSONAL THOUGHT : Overall, i am satisfied with the product. At least there is no scratches on the tag and also the metal box. Next, I am happy that i received clean and new stainless steel chain! There are a lot of seller out there who always send those dirty chain. Grrrr!!! I love everything except the box :( Well, it's not Military Tag company fault. But still hope Military Tag company can put on extra layer of protection. 

For more information, log on to Malaysia Military Tag :

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