Kenko Fish Spa Pavilion with Butterflies ❤

Thursday, March 13

Fish Spa Time. This time, very glad that i can join with other bloggers to enjoy the fish spa session together! I'm so excited!! LOL
Kenko Fish Spa, Pavilion is located opposite of GSC Cinema. It's just a small shop lot at the corner. Step in to Kenko, the sound of running water came smoothly on the ear. 

Two pools are being set up in Kenko Fish Spa. Both are in L-shape. The small pool are facing inwards. While the big pool are facing outwards, which means we can enjoy the  view outside the shopping mall through the wide glass. Erm.....nothing nice to see since haze is everywhere :( 

First thing before we feet those fish...wash our leg! Spray the enzyme on our feet and make sure there's no woods on our feet. We don't want to killthose fish as well! The very first time, i look so lady in picture...LOL...

Girls scream and laugh so loud when the fish trying to "eat" the dead skin on their leg. It's very itchy and uncomfortable when the fish get near to their feet!
Somehow, i like the feeling when the feet "eat" all the dead skin on my feet! it! Eat all the dead skin. I do not have time to scrub and moisturize my feet. When i put my leg into the pool...all the fish swim towards my leg and eat my skin. I'm very sorry for "rampas" all the fish. I just got too much of dead skin. Some people even jealous that all the fish keep surrounded all over my leg. Ladies, don't got no idea how thick my dead skin are! 
Even this is not the first time i visit Kenko Fish Spa, but still, i really enjoy the fish spa session especially with so many bloggers! I really appreciate for the opportunities! I'm definitely going back to Kenko again and again! Wanted to try their Full Body Fish Spa!! Sounds interesting huh :D
Some people feel itchy or i should say "geli" when the fish eating the dead skin on the feet. While for me, i like the feeling when the fish mouth touch my skin! I sit at there, enjoy the fish kiss my feet!

Maximum time for the fish spa session is 30 minutes. Clean my feet once again. I can feel my feet is so smooth now! Smoother..fairer..sexier.. You can see the instant result in just 30 minutes. Put some moisturizing cream for better result. Try it yourself and you gonna scream for the result!!

I really love attending event especially with all the butterflies! I always wish to meet Shi Kee in person! Finally we meet each other and she sit beside me!! Oh yeah!! I got no idea when will we meet again. We always chat online ... when she sit beside me i am so happy!! Shi Kee you're so beautiful! Hahaha

Thank you to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Worthy Book Malaysia for giving me such a memorable experience! LOL...I just can't control myself!!
Credit to Butterfly Malaysia
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