Japanese Style Charcoal BBQ : 炭笑屋

Wednesday, March 5 Petaling, Malaysia

Hey guys! I'm back! Today i'm going to introduce "ho kang tao" (好康头) to you all. If you're a foodie, this is the post that you shouldn't miss! This Japanese Style Charcoal BBQ is located in "石头美食中心", check the full address at the end of this post. Step into "石头美食中心" make sure you're looking to the right side as the left side is for steamboat. 

Recently, i fall in love with Charcoal BBQ. I found out that, there's a Japanese Style Charcoal BBQ which located at Seri Kembangan, so me and one of my friend decided to give it a try. The price is surprisingly cheap (when compare to some of the Charcoal BBQ) or i should say it's affordable. The food is fresh with perfect portion. 

Dinner set lunch. At least I no need to "eat sand" after finish spending my money just for this BBQ. RM11.90  drinks (green tea) + rice + 2 selection of meat/seafood (choose from the picture). Trust me, this dinner set is enough for you to end this wonderful night. 

Me and my friend, we order one dinner set each. So total we can chose PORK BELLY ... SHOULDER LOIN ...TERIYAKI CHICKEN and PRAWN! I think the price is reasonable since the meat / seafood are FRESH! THICK SLICED meat! Enjoy the BBQ moment with friend or family by just spending not more than RM15. 

If you think that dinner set is not enough for you to play with the charcoal, you can order A La Carte. From the menu, we can see there are some dishes which marked "House Recommend". Look at the price from RM1.50 - RM7.90! I call this cheap. If you went to Kepong Authentic BBQ before, you will definitely agree with me! I'm not sure if you all realized about this...there's no fish inside the menu. Squid is not in the fish categories. LOL  

i wanted to try their Fried Ice Cream. Unfortunately, fried ice cream is not available on that day. Must be too popular :D Anyway, just top up Rm2.00  you can enjoy unlimited flow of ice cream. Hey, RM 2 for one person not for the whole table XD

Here's the sesame sauce. This sauce combines the taste a little sweet with a strong garlic smell. I hate garlic :(

Tofu Puff  豆腐卜  -  RM 2.90
Tofu Puff (House Recommend). Crispy grill tofu puff. Don't grill for too long as it burn easily. Eat the tofu puff together with the sauce, is like eating rojak. Order this if you're here!

Bacon with needle mushroom - RM 5.90
Oh god!!! The Bacon is so juicy! I'm a skewer lover. When thick sliced bacon meet chewy needle mushroom...so delicious......nom nom!!!

White Button Mushroom - RM 5.90
White Button Mushroom. The mushroom size is bigger than Ferrero rocher! Hahahaha!! Ooppss...too bad that we overcooked it, now it become dry...so dry! 

I need to keep on standing in order to BBQ. The charcoal BBQ stove is just too high for me. So, they are using the traditional way to BBQ. 

ADDRESS :Charcoal BBQ House GPS: No. PT 1715 Off Jalan SK 6/1, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

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