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Sunday, March 30

Hello everybody! Today I’m gonna introduce you a website where you can buy books with cheaper price and of course selling your books! How many of you are still studying? Having problem buying text book, reference book, magazines and so on…Here, I found a website which can help you save a lot!

BookUp is a platform which helps students by providing cheap source of textbooks. What really attracted me is that, BookUp is selling used textbook. Yes. Which means you can get your text book with a cheaper price. Text book which sell at BookUp is typically cheaper than new retail textbook 50% or more.

When talk about money. Tear just falling down from my eye. Back to the point. When do we pay so much since we can save some of the money? So, BookUp is here to help all of the students especially for those who are surviving on their money. BookUp took off 3 months and have up to date managed to help more than 270 students from 19 different universities and colleges across Malaysia.

There are a lot of book selling on BookUp  From text book to fiction and novel. Even Chinese book can be found here. Since we can buy cheap text book here why we still spend so much for other text book. And now you can pay by Maybank2u and CIMB clicks.

Beside from buying, you can also sell your book on BookUp. Log on to BookUp, fill in the ISBN (the 13 number found at the top of the bar which at the back of the book). Next, ship your books to BookUp  BUT, if your quoted amount is more than RM150, BookUp will arrange a pick up from your doorstep! Now, you can get pay at the end of the month, DEPENDING OF THE NUMBER OF BOOK SOLD :p

Somehow, Not all the books can be sell on BookUp  Here's the list of book which are not accept by BookUp  Check the terms and conditions before you fill in the form! 

Happy reading guys :) 

For more information, log on to
BookUp Website :
BookUp Facebook Page :
BookUp Instagram :

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Malaysia Military Tag - Standard Silver Double Military Tag

Thursday, March 27

Hello! Today is Wednesday. 2 more days to go and weekend is waiting for us! So, today i'm going to blog about Military Tag. Yes, the Malaysia Military Tag. I am going to do a review on Military tag which ordered from Thank you Malaysia Military Tag for the products.
Before i start with my review. Let me introduce you the Malaysia Military Tag background. So,  Malaysia Military Tag company was founded in year 2011 and based in Malacca. They are specialized in supplying personalized military dog tags (As known as ID tags, Army tags or Military tags), Military watches, and paracord watches. Their main target is to make everyone look's as cool as possible by wearing our quality military fashion products. WELL, I HAVE TO SAY I DID LOOK COOL WITH THE TAG ON ME. 

Log on to Malaysia Military Tag Website and you will see a lot of products are being displayed. So, this is what i ordered - The Standard Silver Double Military Tag. You can click ( HERE ) for more information.  RM 40 for two military tag .... YOU SHOULD BUY IT !    

Look how beautiful these military tag are! They look exactly like what i saw on the website. Why we call it personalized standard military tag? Yes, you can customize the tag message. Got no idea on what message to put on the tag? Check out the sample at the bottom of the webpage! You can personalize your dog tags with up to 5 lines of text and up to 14 characters per line.

Military tag can be use on luggage bag, school bag, or you may use it as a key chain, necklace as well. Got no idea how to make your another half  happy. Why not buy this and make it as a gift for your partner. Military tag has become one of the must have item for couple. time for you to buy one if you still do not have any military tag yet :)

I add on with a military metal box (RM 8) . I’m so sad when I receive this. The box isn't hard enough . The surfmetal box become uneven. I try to cover up the metal box cover, but it keep drop out. It’s loose. I guess the metal box got some accident when it’s on the way to my house! I hope Malaysia Military Tag can change the way they package the product. Use a proper package or pack the product with extra layer ( thick paper / newspaper / bubble wrap ) instead of just put it in the envelope with any extra protection.

Everything packed in a plastic bag before put it into the metal box. This package include 2 personalized standard military tag, 2 black rubber silencers, 27" Spec Stainless Steel Chain ( 1 pc ), 5.5" Spec Stainless Steel Chain ( 1 pc ).  

Rubber Silencers

The rubber silencers provide a comfortable experience and eliminate any noise from the clapping of the dog tags.

Stainless Steel Chain

The chain is also made from stainless steel that resists wear, tear and does not rust with sweat when worn.
PERSONAL THOUGHT : Overall, i am satisfied with the product. At least there is no scratches on the tag and also the metal box. Next, I am happy that i received clean and new stainless steel chain! There are a lot of seller out there who always send those dirty chain. Grrrr!!! I love everything except the box :( Well, it's not Military Tag company fault. But still hope Military Tag company can put on extra layer of protection. 

For more information, log on to Malaysia Military Tag :

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Muji (無印良品) Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Monday, March 17

Muji (無印良品) is my favorite brand of the month. I love to spend my day Muji. They have wide range of products including skin care and make up. I decided to give a try on their sensitive skin range skin care. 

So, i bought Muji Skincare products which is suitable for those who are having sensitive skin. It's in travel size. They do have full size products, but i prefer of buying new products in travel size. Always test before start investing in the products :D

Alright! Let's get started. This is the face soap. This face soap rich in bubbles.  I am so surprise after using this product. I do not feel any dryness on my skin. I tight feeling. I "wow-ed" as my skin feel so hydrated after using this. Do not have any strong scent like other brands. Thumbs Up!! This is only the first step. I did not apply any moisturizer yet! First, i damped my face with hot water ( to open my pores), wash my face with just a small amount of soap, lastly raise my face with cold water to close the pores.  

Second, The light toning water. A toning water for sensitive skin and moisture your skin at the same time! The texture is very light. What i like about this toning water is that i do not feel any tackiness. I hate using product which make me feel so sticky especially on my hand. Gosh! Feel so uncomfortable. If you hate tackiness like me...this probably is the one you're looking for! 

Third part. The All in One Essence! I applied this on my skin, non-greasy, non-oily, non-tackiness! It moisturize my skin, my skin feel so smooth after applying this. It get absorbed by the skin easily! Perfect application for skin before makeup! 

Muji's skin care products are quite affordable. If you compare with other brands, you will definitely find something which is expensive then these! Next, they use simple packaging which make me feel even more confident to their products. If you're looking for some cute packaging products. 

See you guys in my next post :)

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Kenko Fish Spa Pavilion with Butterflies ❤

Thursday, March 13

Fish Spa Time. This time, very glad that i can join with other bloggers to enjoy the fish spa session together! I'm so excited!! LOL
Kenko Fish Spa, Pavilion is located opposite of GSC Cinema. It's just a small shop lot at the corner. Step in to Kenko, the sound of running water came smoothly on the ear. 

Two pools are being set up in Kenko Fish Spa. Both are in L-shape. The small pool are facing inwards. While the big pool are facing outwards, which means we can enjoy the  view outside the shopping mall through the wide glass. Erm.....nothing nice to see since haze is everywhere :( 

First thing before we feet those fish...wash our leg! Spray the enzyme on our feet and make sure there's no woods on our feet. We don't want to killthose fish as well! The very first time, i look so lady in picture...LOL...

Girls scream and laugh so loud when the fish trying to "eat" the dead skin on their leg. It's very itchy and uncomfortable when the fish get near to their feet!
Somehow, i like the feeling when the feet "eat" all the dead skin on my feet! it! Eat all the dead skin. I do not have time to scrub and moisturize my feet. When i put my leg into the pool...all the fish swim towards my leg and eat my skin. I'm very sorry for "rampas" all the fish. I just got too much of dead skin. Some people even jealous that all the fish keep surrounded all over my leg. Ladies, don't got no idea how thick my dead skin are! 
Even this is not the first time i visit Kenko Fish Spa, but still, i really enjoy the fish spa session especially with so many bloggers! I really appreciate for the opportunities! I'm definitely going back to Kenko again and again! Wanted to try their Full Body Fish Spa!! Sounds interesting huh :D
Some people feel itchy or i should say "geli" when the fish eating the dead skin on the feet. While for me, i like the feeling when the fish mouth touch my skin! I sit at there, enjoy the fish kiss my feet!

Maximum time for the fish spa session is 30 minutes. Clean my feet once again. I can feel my feet is so smooth now! Smoother..fairer..sexier.. You can see the instant result in just 30 minutes. Put some moisturizing cream for better result. Try it yourself and you gonna scream for the result!!

I really love attending event especially with all the butterflies! I always wish to meet Shi Kee in person! Finally we meet each other and she sit beside me!! Oh yeah!! I got no idea when will we meet again. We always chat online ... when she sit beside me i am so happy!! Shi Kee you're so beautiful! Hahaha

Thank you to Butterfly Project Malaysia and Worthy Book Malaysia for giving me such a memorable experience! LOL...I just can't control myself!!
Credit to Butterfly Malaysia
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Superheroes in Jonker Street! 马六甲的超级英雄

Monday, March 10

I went to Jonker Street, Malacca few weeks ago after dinner to settling the food down and to reduce reflux. So, when i was walking along the street, something just catch my attention...SUPERHEROES!!!! I'm not  really a super fan of Superheroes BUT when i see something that i never see before...I'll get crazy! I saw this "SUPERHEROES COOLSTUFF"! The shop sign is kinda obvious especially at night. LED light make the shop become so outstanding...

Step in to the shop, the wall is decorated by superheroes comics. All in black and white. Hulk Hulk!!!

There are a lot of drawing of superheroes! Every pieces are LIMITED EDITION. Buy one and put it in your room. This is one of my favorite drawing! dream man wey! Thor!!!! 

Merchandise products can be found here. From head to ......... half body! I do not wear belt but i found that their black leather belts are so nice. It's quite big. I think people with fat tummy can't really wear it as the logo will make us feel uncomfortable!! Never wear this for dinner!

Rm168 each. 3 types of superheroes logo : Superman...Captain America...and Iron man!! I like the one with Captain America round buklet. Feel like want to collect all the belt...

The fun part (for me). Even i didn't try and shirt .... but still, standing inside the fitting room make me feel like i'm one of the member of superheroes! Hahahahaha....Hiah Hiah Hiah!! 

2nd Floor

On 2nd floor, there's where those 3D superheroes "live". Not really much 3D art over here since the shop area is so small. Step into 2nd floor, can see those superheroes enjoy eating malacca famous food. Cendol...asam laksa...chicken rice ball... ... 

Below are 3 of the superheroes , from the wall painting above.

Not much of wall art can be see in here. But at least every part of the wall are paited with superheroes. 3D art all over the wall. From the east to the west! so so so cute ♡ These supeheroes are so cute!!! Me hulk hulk....oh....*shy shy*

Wolverine!!!! Shring Shring Shring... ... This thing is so sharp! 

The trishaw is real. You can sit on the trishaw and take photo with my husband. I allow you to take photo with my husband. The hulk teeth so white. LOL

BUT don't make my hulk hulk angry. Don't touch my husband chest. He get angry easily. 

Oh Spiderman ... kiss me ♡♡♡

I always wonder how tall those superheroes are. Now i know. Wolverine so short. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Now, this ironman is all the way from oversea (i forgot where it from, but it's from somewhere very very very far). 

The best wall art of the day! At first i thought this is a toilet.  When i open the door...see! My husband is there! It looks so real.

They are so talented. Pay a visit when you're in Malacca. And of course we need to pay for the Entrance Fees. Free Entrance with any purchase! :D 

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