Valentine's Day Candle Light Dinner @ BBQ Chicken, KL Festival Mall

Thursday, February 20

This year, where are we going to celebrate Valentine's Day? Hmmm...Few days before Valentine's Day, i saw on BBQ Chicken Malaysia Facebook Page that they are having a Valentine's Promo. I think that price is reasonable. Rm79 only per couple. So we decided to celebrate at BBQ Chicken @ KL Festival Mall. For those who missed out, BBQ Chicken KL Festival Mall branch is one of the premium cafe. To be honest, i'm expect for nice environment, good food and friendly staff.

From what you can see. We’ll get 1 Secret Pasta Salad + 1 Mushroom Cream Soup + 2 Main Courses +  2 Drinks + 1 Brownie Ice Cream. My 1st impression when I saw this was : “wow! I like this! I want this … I want this too!”. We had made a reservation for 8pm. Somehow, I am sadly disappointed with the staff! We arrived on time, and we been standing for a while. The staff were eager to help other customers. So we stepped into the restaurant and try to ask for assistance. One of the Malay Staff saw us and without listening us, she started to show us “The Power Of Hand” and say : TAK ADA.  She didn’t even ask or listen to what we need and straight away say TAK ADA.  We told her that we’ve made a reservation then again she said: OKOK!! I FEEL SO EMBARANCE AS WE WERE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RESTAURANT AND THE CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING AT US. I know it’s peak period and they are sort of man power, but at least be professional, listen to what customers need.

Scattered red petals on table. Candle placed middle of the table. The problem is the space. The organization of table and chairs make customers difficult to move and walk around.  

Pineapple Mint (♥♥♥). Combination of pineapple and mint, but I only taste the sour of pineapple. It’s too sour for me. But still,it’s very refreshing on a hot day!

Secret Pasta Salad (♥♥♥♥). A mixture of 10 vegetables with salad topped with lemon honey dressing. Crunchy vegetables, juicy onion, perfect pasta texture (at least it's not to mushy)! I like it when pasta mixed with vegetables. Everything just match perfectly.

Pan-seared Dory (♥♥). Served with lemon butter sauce, Buttered rice and  sautééd vegetables. The creamy lemon butter sauce is TOO SALTY, and the fish is TASTELESS. It doesn't taste better even you taste fish with the sauce. The rice is not too sticky but it's not fluffy either. I would say, BBQ Chicken can cook much more better than this.  

Mushroom Cream Soup (♥♥♥♥) . A rich and creamy soup made with tasty mushroom, served with butter baquette. Must try when you visit BBQ Chicken. This mushroom soup is the reason why i'm visiting BBQ Chicken It taste super good. It's smooth. A lovely creamy rich warming soup  :D   

Mixed Grill  (♥♥♥) . Combination of Korean Charbroiled , Original Barbeque and Kochi. Served with mixed salad and Pommes Frites (French Fries). The chicken is so juicy. Great food with spice level for everyone. Perfectly golden french fries. Fresh vege.

There are part of the meat from KOCHI (meat is then skewered onto wooden sticks) is half cooked. Hmmmm .... /.\

Brownie Ice Cream (♥♥). Ice cream? seriously? Where is the ice-cream? HOT Brownie topped with CREAM. Yes. I'm sad. Where's my ice cream? Or Brownie Ice Cream is memang topped with cream and i'm the only 1 bising-bising over here? The brownie is so hot. It's like you eating "pau" that just out from the food stemer. Syoooook Gilerr. Not too sweet, it's in a cakey form with white and soft cream on top!

Busy restaurants cannot always make food come out as quickly as we all would hope. It take at least 30 minutes to get our food. Then again, another 20 minutes for bills. My only problem is the half-cooked meat....and yeah, the cream...i mean ice-cream! =.=

Anyway, Happy Valentine's day! I know it's already over but you should know there are several "valentine's day" in a year...hehehe   =p

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