The Eulogy-Writing Competition - "Appreciating Our Ancestors and Loved Ones"

Tuesday, January 14

"In conjunction with and to promote Filial Piety among college youths and also to promote English writing in colleges, we came up with the idea for an eulogy-writing competition and we were pleasantly surprised," said the founder of Mr.Kevin Leow and Mr.Jason Cheong. 

The objective of Eulogy writing competition is to create filial piety among the Malaysian Youths and remembering their ancestors and also make youth’s today to think a creative way to deliver the message of honoring their ancestors. is Asia’s first internet based portal that provides a place to create obituary, memorials, pet memorials, acknowledgement & sending messages through the e-mails and mobile phone. This portal provides a specific site that is interactive for posting information and also acts as a notification service for direct and personal invitation to relatives and friends on information such as the location of the funeral wake service, memorial services, religious prayer times, cremation and burial information. It is a web portal for the families, friends and the loved ones to access the obituary of the departed and to express condolences messages, tribute's and sharing of memorable stories, photos and videos. These moments are irreplaceable. The portal also creates a family tree should family members connect to our site. This will create a great ancestral family tree, years later for the families.

Participants can submit their entries through online. The tittle of the writing “Appreciating our ancestors and love ones”, and participants are required to write based on the given, which is “Cherished Moment”. Participants can write about family members, grandparents, friends, family, pet or the love ones who passed away with a minimum of 500 words or more. Judgment basis will be based on 20% Originality, 40% Creativity, 15% Usage of Elements above and criteria’s, 15% Facebook likes.

Congratulation to all the winners! Fom the left founder of Mr Lason Cheong, The CEO of Academy Belia Mr Rahman Hussein, The 1st Runner-up Kum Peng Han, Winner Champion Jassie Looi , The Founder of Mr Kevin Leow, The 2nd Runner-up Lisa Yeo.  

Don't forget to express your condolences message, tributes and sharing of memories stories and photos at For more events, log on to

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