[REVIEW + INTRODUCING] How FoodPanda Malaysia Work + My 1st food delivery service

Friday, January 17

FoodPanda is a platform where we can order food online. FoodPanda believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun! That’s why FoodPanda is here for you. There are more than 20 brands available in FoodPanda. From western food to Thai Food. They even deliver alcoholic drinks. 

With a few Simple clicks your food will be delivered to the comfort of your own home. I know, it sounds unbelievable right? Let me show you how easy it can be to order through FoodPanda


1.) Login / Create an Account - Don't forget to update your personal information. If you're BCARD member, do key in your BCARD number as well. Point will be collected when BCARD member order from FoodPanda. Don't waste the point! 

2.) Choose your area. - Select your City and area. After select your area. Only selected restaurant which available will be appear in the list. 

For example: I've choose Bandar Baru Sentul as my area. 19 restaurants which available will be display. From the displayed restaurants, you can now start click into those restaurant one by one, start looking for their menu and start order. 

 3.) Make Order. - Delivery hour , delivery fees and the minimum order value are listed on the top of the page. Make sure you read all the requirement listed above. Click on the "+" button on the dishes / beverage you want. Bill will update automatically at right hand side. 

4.) Checkout. From here make sure your address is correct. We don't want to get into trouble, for you and also the delivery man! What make me surprise is that we can even do "pre-order" from FoodPanda. That is how FoodPanda connects hungry people to great food. Choose the ideal payment method. I choose payment on delivery since i do not have credit card :D 

After you summit your order. You are required to key in the verification code. Where to get the verification code? Check your Phone! A verification will be SMS to you. Once you key in the code your order will be proceed. Confirmed order will be notify through email and also SMS.

Tips: No idea on what to order? Take a look at "Deals of the week". Don't emo. Pick one from "deal of the week". Problem solve! 


This is the first time i order food online. I'm surprise that FoodPanda did delivery the food on time as they promised. I ordered "Neu Khua Kling Chicken" from Restaurant Bangkok House, RM12.50. 

I received a call from FoodPanda. They said : "Sorry Miss, we might not be able to deliver in 1 hour time as we get a lot of order today. Probably will deliver in 1.5 hours time. Very sorry for that. But we will try our best to make it faster." Well, i still received my food in 1 hour time. I would say my 1st experience is not bad at all. Food packed in a clean container. Most important is, the food is still hot when reaching my house! 


Never try FoodPanda before? Hungry but lazy to out for food? Or maybe you want to enjoy your lunch time with good food without going out? And now is the time you should try FoodPanda! I'm giving away RM10 off to all of you. All you need to do is key in the discount code :FP@PREPANDTRENDS 


Oh yeah! Did i tell you, you can now even order food by using your smart phone? Which means, you can now order food at anywhere anytime! 

Download FoodPanda application and make your order even easier! 

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  1. Your English sucks unfortunately. A lot grammatical error here and there, but nice and subtle blog design though. - sincerely your critic.

    1. Thank you for reading and your comment.
      Will learn and improve! :D

  2. Voucher expired on 3 Jan 2015.... =(

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  4. Foodpanda is really convenient for ordering food. I love the article. Foodpanda coupons and voucher codes helps you save when you order. You can avail coupons at http://www.couponbelanja.com/foodpanda-coupons

  5. Foodpanda is really convenient for ordering food. I love the article. Foodpanda coupons and voucher codes helps you save when you order. You can avail coupons at http://www.couponbelanja.com/foodpanda-coupons

  6. Thanks for your nice Blog Tryslynn,but
    FoodPanda Malaysia sucks!!
    I was short delivered 3 items from my order all paid for.
    I wasted almost 3 hours of my holiday time emailing and chat to no success.There was no one to contact once I discovered the shortage,what a CON this company is.OH! I plus they charge you a whopping 20% service fee on top of the order price, plus a delivery fee.
    Best you use a another company without service fees. Zomato.com is great,[maybe in Malaysia]or tripadvisor.com restaurant delivery services.

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