[REVIEW] Bloop Nail Strip! Nail Strip for every Season!

Monday, January 20

Now is the season for some cute and nice nails! Christmas is just over and now is time to prepare for Chinese New Year. 20 days to go before Chinese New Year knock your door. Wanted to receive Ang Pau with some showy nails art or nails colour? Bloop is the one you should looking for. 
Bloop products are engineered by PASSION and LOVE.  With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry and a global team of experts who supports and understands the desire and the commitment to develop one of the most innovative and amazing cosmetic lines for customers. There are so many categories can be found under Bloop. Skin care, fragrance, Make-up, and accessories.  

Bloop nail strips come with 12 pieces different sizes of nail strips and a nail file. And yes, i got the pink one! The nail file is use to file off those excessive nail strip. It help to file those nail strip evenly. 


  • No Drying Time  
  • Super Thin  
  • Fast & Easy to use  
  • Made with environmental-friendly materials  
  • Allows air to penetrate through nails  
  • Lasts 5 to 7 days 
------------------------------------------------------ S.T.E.P ------------------------------------------------------

Not sure on how to use this little sexy nails strips? Don't worry. Steps are being show at the back of the packaging. To make sure that the nails strips are tightly stick on the nails, make sure that your hand/finger is clean. Remove all the dust, oil, and even lotion on your skin. For me, i like to clean my hand/finger with hot water or hot towel. The reason to clean our nail/finger is to make sure that the nail strip stuck down on the nail. Not matter what shape your nails are, there must be one nail strip that suit your nails.

1st Step : Choose the best strip size for each nail. We do not have the same size for all of our nails. Sometimes, even the best strip size is still not best enough for our very special nails shape.  So what i do is,  take a scissor and cut it into the size and shape which i think it's suitable to fit in my nails. 

2nd Step : Remove the transparent protective layer. There's a thin transparent layer covered on the top of the nail strip. Remember to remove it before stuck down on your nails. 

2nd Step : Align & Place the nail strip on the nail. Round Shape facing cuticle. After cutting the nail strip into. Remember to face the round corner of the nail strip to your cuticle, unless your cuticle is sharped end. 

3rd Step : Using a nail file to fail off the excess strip in a downward motion. Make sure you file downwards. you don't want to make your nail strip like "bitten by dog"...uneven and ugly.

4th Step : Press and smooth the nails to remove excess air bubbles. You beg you don't want your nail have so many bubble especially when look from the top. Imagine those car mirror full of air bubble....ewww...you know how i feel.

5th Step : Seal with a layer of top coat nail polish. 

My Experience : This is not the first time i use nail strip. I found that, There are something special of Bloop Nail Strip which attracted me. Bloop Nail strip is high in quality. Not easy to split. Good water resistance. There are so many designs available. And most of the design are suitable for any season. As a student, i do not have much money to spend for professional pedicure and manicure services. Bought Bloop Nail Strip, DIY myself. I enjoy doing the DIY. It's one of my hobby now! 

Bloop Illuminate Your Dreams by launching a series of Fashionable & Trendy Nail Strip design for you to be Nail Art Expert as well! Nail Strip is the new trend now and you can have different artistic design & DIY at home! Bloop Come out with nail strips and also toe strips. Too many design to choose. All the design are suitable for any season or festival. With just a few step, you can make your nails beautiful. 

The 5 Amazing Nail Strips Trend Must Try This Fall

Lace - Romantic and feminine, lace offers a sweet touch to your talons this fall. Black lace details are subtle enough for office wear or sultry enough for a sexy evening out.

Polka Dots - Polka dots have been popping up everywhere this season. Found on blouses, shoes and accessories, your nails can get in on all the dotty action this fall. The chic mix of a playful print with a neutral palette makes a polka dot nail strip classic while still remaining fun and flirty.

Leopard - Receive your call to the wild and embrace your animalistic side this season by adding some leopard print into your look for fall. Even if worn in a small way like a nail art strip, leopard print still makes a bold statement that screams I am a fierce feline, hear me roar!

Metallic - Sparkle and shine this season in a way unlike any other with ombré metallic glitter nail strips. Try glittery nail strips for your best evening occasions this season and standout from the crowd.

Jewels - Three-dimensional designs and gem-dotted tips are being showcased on nail beds everywhere for talons that radiate sparkle and truly command attention. Beautifully jewelled and embellished nail strips are a playful way to make a true style statement this season with your nails.

Want to own these nice nail strips? You can always visit Hishop for more products. Or you may visit HERE for more selection. 

For more info, log on to : 
Hishop Website : http://www.hishop.my/

Bloop Website : http://www.bloop-bloop.com/

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[REVIEW + INTRODUCING] How FoodPanda Malaysia Work + My 1st food delivery service

Friday, January 17

FoodPanda is a platform where we can order food online. FoodPanda believe that ordering food should be easy, fast and definitely fun! That’s why FoodPanda is here for you. There are more than 20 brands available in FoodPanda. From western food to Thai Food. They even deliver alcoholic drinks. 

With a few Simple clicks your food will be delivered to the comfort of your own home. I know, it sounds unbelievable right? Let me show you how easy it can be to order through FoodPanda


1.) Login / Create an Account - Don't forget to update your personal information. If you're BCARD member, do key in your BCARD number as well. Point will be collected when BCARD member order from FoodPanda. Don't waste the point! 

2.) Choose your area. - Select your City and area. After select your area. Only selected restaurant which available will be appear in the list. 

For example: I've choose Bandar Baru Sentul as my area. 19 restaurants which available will be display. From the displayed restaurants, you can now start click into those restaurant one by one, start looking for their menu and start order. 

 3.) Make Order. - Delivery hour , delivery fees and the minimum order value are listed on the top of the page. Make sure you read all the requirement listed above. Click on the "+" button on the dishes / beverage you want. Bill will update automatically at right hand side. 

4.) Checkout. From here make sure your address is correct. We don't want to get into trouble, for you and also the delivery man! What make me surprise is that we can even do "pre-order" from FoodPanda. That is how FoodPanda connects hungry people to great food. Choose the ideal payment method. I choose payment on delivery since i do not have credit card :D 

After you summit your order. You are required to key in the verification code. Where to get the verification code? Check your Phone! A verification will be SMS to you. Once you key in the code your order will be proceed. Confirmed order will be notify through email and also SMS.

Tips: No idea on what to order? Take a look at "Deals of the week". Don't emo. Pick one from "deal of the week". Problem solve! 


This is the first time i order food online. I'm surprise that FoodPanda did delivery the food on time as they promised. I ordered "Neu Khua Kling Chicken" from Restaurant Bangkok House, RM12.50. 

I received a call from FoodPanda. They said : "Sorry Miss, we might not be able to deliver in 1 hour time as we get a lot of order today. Probably will deliver in 1.5 hours time. Very sorry for that. But we will try our best to make it faster." Well, i still received my food in 1 hour time. I would say my 1st experience is not bad at all. Food packed in a clean container. Most important is, the food is still hot when reaching my house! 


Never try FoodPanda before? Hungry but lazy to out for food? Or maybe you want to enjoy your lunch time with good food without going out? And now is the time you should try FoodPanda! I'm giving away RM10 off to all of you. All you need to do is key in the discount code :FP@PREPANDTRENDS 


Oh yeah! Did i tell you, you can now even order food by using your smart phone? Which means, you can now order food at anywhere anytime! 

Download FoodPanda application and make your order even easier! 

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The Eulogy-Writing Competition - "Appreciating Our Ancestors and Loved Ones"

Tuesday, January 14

"In conjunction with Obpedia.com and YouthsToday.com to promote Filial Piety among college youths and also to promote English writing in colleges, we came up with the idea for an eulogy-writing competition and we were pleasantly surprised," said the founder of Obpedia.com Mr.Kevin Leow and Mr.Jason Cheong. 

The objective of Eulogy writing competition is to create filial piety among the Malaysian Youths and remembering their ancestors and also make youth’s today to think a creative way to deliver the message of honoring their ancestors.
Obpedia.com is Asia’s first internet based portal that provides a place to create obituary, memorials, pet memorials, acknowledgement & sending messages through the e-mails and mobile phone. This portal provides a specific site that is interactive for posting information and also acts as a notification service for direct and personal invitation to relatives and friends on information such as the location of the funeral wake service, memorial services, religious prayer times, cremation and burial information. It is a web portal for the families, friends and the loved ones to access the obituary of the departed and to express condolences messages, tribute's and sharing of memorable stories, photos and videos. These moments are irreplaceable. The portal also creates a family tree should family members connect to our site. This will create a great ancestral family tree, years later for the families.

Participants can submit their entries through online. The tittle of the writing “Appreciating our ancestors and love ones”, and participants are required to write based on the given, which is “Cherished Moment”. Participants can write about family members, grandparents, friends, family, pet or the love ones who passed away with a minimum of 500 words or more. Judgment basis will be based on 20% Originality, 40% Creativity, 15% Usage of Elements above and criteria’s, 15% Facebook likes.

Congratulation to all the winners! Fom the left founder of Obpedia.com Mr Lason Cheong, The CEO of Academy Belia Mr Rahman Hussein, The 1st Runner-up Kum Peng Han, Winner Champion Jassie Looi , The Founder of Obpedia.com Mr Kevin Leow, The 2nd Runner-up Lisa Yeo.  

Don't forget to express your condolences message, tributes and sharing of memories stories and photos at Obpedia.com. For more events, log on to YouthsToday.com.

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Thursday, January 2

Been blogging for at least 9 months. “Blogging has change my life”. Yes. From a quiet people transform to an active and open minded people. I always wanted to start blogging but ended up giving up halfway. Day after day, blogging  has become a part of my life. It’s not easy to maintain a blog, i spend most of the time editing picture, squeeze my brain and always come out with something creative. Spend time with the handsome Mr.Google and find out the way to make my blog beautiful, find out how to increase my readers. I always wanted to make my readers feel comfortable with what they saw at the first sight.  From someone unknown, and now i have a lot of blogger friends. Not to say famous, but at least i meet some new friends, We attend event together, we talk, we play, we even encourage each other. The spiritual sustenance! To Start a blog, we need to choose a platform where we are comfortable with. User-friendly yet reader-friendly. l.

Attended Serverfreak wordpress workshop with butterfly project malaysia website launch at Show.Case @ Plaza Kelana Jaya. SHOW.CASE is a new event venue in town located at Plaza Kelana Jaya. Designed with versatility in mind, SHOW.CASE superb lake view can accommodate events ranging from medium scale corporate meetings, product launches, fundraisers, auctions, fashion shows, screenings and performances...to weddings, intimate receptions and private parties. Fitted with solid wooden flooring, white ceilings, floor to ceiling glass door with blackout capability, built in adjustable spot light.

ServerFreak Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2003 and since then they have become one of the fastest growing hosting providers in Malaysia. Serverfreak specializes in providing web hosting solutions for almost all range of purposes – personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on. Serverfreak won a reward "Web Hosting Search recognizes ServerFreak Technologies as one of the Top Pick Web Hosts for 2011. Simple, affordable and trustworthy Hosting, that is ServerFreak Technologies."

The event start by opening performance - Singing performance by Edazz. Such a beautiful lady with wonderful voice. She even hit the high pitch without cracking. We are amazed by her voice! Wave our hand in the air.

Again, 123cheese.com is here! 123cheese.com  are a group of photographers that want to bring fun to everyone on special days such birthday parties, wedding parties, graduation events, corporate events, costume parties etc. Letting your family & friends to express their happiness and break the ice in a photo booth. We can take unlimited of photos here! There is something that I love about 123cheese.com. The photographer is so friendly and she is so patient. She always serve us with smiling face. Various type of cute accessories are prepared for us . Choose the one you like and post for the best shot!

At the same time, we are celebrating the beloved birthday of THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT MALAYSIA. Been joining The Butterfly Project for almost one year. Feel so glad to become one of the community, attended awesome event. I learnt a lot. Beside beauty, fashion, blogging, I know a lot of friends. And now my life is always full of surprise. Wish The Butterfly Project Malaysia can be the best blogger community one day! 

Nom Nom Time. Chocolate...pink macaroons...cakes. All these are ladies favorite. Enjoy the dessert like a lady. Enjoy every single bite with tea. Hmmm...the best moment of the day. And of course, thank you for the awesome gifts! Skin care and also a book! Even i didn't get best dress reward of the day...but still i enjoy the session with all the girls :D

Through this high tea session, i get to know more about ServerFreak. Serverfreak do provide a lot of services which include : Domain registration, Shared Hosting, Email Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Blog Hosting, Semi-dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private server, Web-Design and E-commerce Resolution and Server Management Service. From here, you can look for the best service that you need and suit you the most. Nowadays, Online Marketing is getting famous, you should start one and enjoy the benefit by doing online marketing. 

Now, ServerFreak is come with a awesome Package! This package include : 12GB disk space, 50GB of monthly bandwidth, UNLIMITED Email Accounts, Free domain Name, Free 1 TEMPLATE fully setup with basic widgets. And the greatest part is 24/7 technical assistance.  Just email your problem, and ServerFreak is ready to help you to solve your problem. 

ServerFreak will settle all for you. And yes! All you need to do after purchasing the package is LOG IN and START BLOGGING! Save time save energy! 

Once again! Thank you The Butterfly Project for the invitation and Happy Birthday!!!

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